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  4. murphywu murphywu 2019-10-17 10:55


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  11. urdolls urdolls 2019-08-27 04:04

    Japanese experts recommend sex dollsRecently in Japan, experts suggested that the popularity of sex dolls and sex robots may be the main culprit in the country's decline in birth rates. Play date sex robots are upgraded in "foreplay" mode - which takes off a virtual love doll and starts the real thing.We did get some weird requests that looked like a friend's girlfriend. Silicone doll customers are 'ordering models that look like their partner 'girlfriend'. It has a virtual version of a sex robot that you can talk to - you can choose to customize her personality. According to the head of artificial intelligence, these robots are still in progress.Product experts told us: "We did get customers who asked celebrity sex doll, even though they are not as popular as you think. He claims to be the first to provide "emotional connections." Experts say these professional robots will It will appear in ordinary families in the next decade.The app lets owners flirt and talk about your virtual sex robot and even let you strip off her clothes. “After flirting, do you want more? Go to the foreplay mode and find out what is best for you and your partner,” the creator of the app explains.Channel 5's documentary "Sex Business: My and my D-cup dolls" recently delved into the world of sex toys. A woman who runs an adult shop near Birmingham tells everyone: "In terms of customization, whether it is a celebrity, a dead spouse or someone you like.“The second batch will add some new features to the head, such as cameras for face and object recognition, de facto touch sensors, embedded speakers and more facial expressions,” he told us. But the app has now been upgraded to "foreplay" mode to inspire interest in robot play.The president of the Sexual Doll Robot Foundation said that the innocent trio is just one of the potential uses of sexual robots. The Harmony Head can be attached to a realistic sex robot, but the entire device will cost you over £7,000. A TPE sex doll manufacturer claims that the appearance of celebrities is not as popular in the singular industry as you might think.Others include wireless technology that allows a person to remotely motivate their partner and is already present in the market's vibrator. A friend-friendly doll customer has ordered a model that looks like a friend's girlfriend in a strange trend. The strange event echoes the previous comments made by the sex doll company.http://dogsuniverse.co.nz/urdolls/2019/08/26/sex-dolls-are-used-as-family-companions-in-china/https://bandmag.com/serry/blog/4373/sex-dolls-with-built-in-speakers-and-more-facial-expressions

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