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Tech Support

Tech Support

Come ask your tech questions here, and we'll do everything within our power to answer them! Never put up with Engrish techs over the phone again!

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  1. murtlest murtlest 2010-09-11 11:24

    you write @ and then the first letters in the username you want to write, like @mu for murtlest and then hit tab

  2. Zendeavor Zendeavor 2010-09-11 10:38

    I tried it every which way in both regular and extended post, still didn't operate.

  3. robirming robirming 2010-09-11 08:03

    Just a note on the tab auto completion for names: It's case sensitive and it doesn't work in extended posts yet. Maybe that's why it didn't work for you @Zendeavor?

  4. Zendeavor Zendeavor 2010-09-11 02:11

    I didn't notice, but that's because I had this open in a tab so when I flipped back to it the notification quickly vanished, but that's cool

  5. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2010-09-11 02:09

    meaning that your nick was mentioned in that group

  6. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2010-09-11 02:05

    but you noticed that the groupname was highlighted in green?

  7. Zendeavor Zendeavor 2010-09-11 02:04

    Doesn't work for me, unfortunately. Thanks though, maybe if I ever boot Windows7 up again I'll try it.

  8. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2010-09-11 01:46

    Auto link to members by writing @, the first letters, and hit tab. Just a tip. @Zendeavor :)

  9. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2010-09-11 01:41

    I will look into it when I come home. but 720p seems to be the better choice I guess.

  10. Zendeavor Zendeavor 2010-09-11 01:34

    Yes I thought I'd give that a try for you Aero in case the blocklist at work is so rudimentary as to only apply to URL navigation. Sorry I didn't think of it sooner.

  11. Zendeavor Zendeavor 2010-09-11 01:32

    Essentially the bottom line is that progressive scan is much cleaner. Interlaced video tends to look smudged in motion but progressive video has that gorgeous clean, fluid motion that makes HD worth viewing.

  12. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2010-09-11 01:32

    you know, you can embedd videos in the "extended post" option..

  13. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2010-09-11 01:30

    thanks anyway.

  14. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2010-09-11 01:29

    cant watch it now, Im at work and youtube is banned. :/ but as soon I´ll get home.. :)

  15. Zendeavor Zendeavor 2010-09-11 01:28

    Though I would recommend 720p because progressive scan is much cleaner than interlaced video

  16. Zendeavor Zendeavor 2010-09-11 01:27

    I don't watch TV but you might check what this man has to say http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-JXfyvlPh0

  17. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2010-09-11 01:25

    maby an easy question, but what should I choose between 720p and 1080i? whats the differense?

  18. Zendeavor Zendeavor 2010-09-11 01:24

    I work Windows and various Linux distros, so your assistance will likely come in handy ;D

  19. nathaniel_h nathaniel_h 2010-09-11 01:19

    I'm one heck of a geek. I'd love to answer some people's questions! (I'm a Mac, too!)

  20. Zendeavor Zendeavor 2010-09-11 01:17

    A bit of a test effort to see how relevant this site can become.