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signal jammer

signal jammer

Here provide you with all kind of signal jammers,include cell phone jammer,wifi jammer,gps jammer,gsm jammer,high power jammer.etc.

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  1. shibai shibai 2017-12-21 11:13

    The DVG process will be used to create a very high degree of accuracy about 1 nanometer in the space of a small cell phone signal jammer. The clearance is then combined with a sensing diaphragm to measure the pressure applied to it. Because deformation occurs within a few nanometers, high accuracy can be achieved in a single nanodevice. In addition, due to its low power consumption, it can be integrated on the same chip, other devices.

    The new pressure sensor has a wide range of applications, including over 100 industrial and automotive products. Single chip integrations can be used to develop advanced designs using standard CMOS technology. Automotive applications may include safety systems such as collision detection and tire pressure measurements, and transmission devices such as manifold and pneumatic measurement devices in the turbine. Bluetooth applications for industrial jammers may include gas flow meters, liquid-level meters, high compensation systems and weather stations.http://jammerbuy.blog.wox.cc/entry1.html