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Remy hair extensions

Remy hair extensions

Umihair collect Remy hair extensions with 17 kinds of color. https://www.umihairextensions.com/

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  1. lovedolls123 lovedolls123 2020-06-27 08:51

    Cuticle aligned virgin hair processingThe processing Principle of cuticle aligned virgin hair is to make sure the Minimal damage of the hair, keep the hair with the original cuticles, the cuticle is one protector layer to protect the inner layer, make the hair last much longer than normal hair, not easy to shedding or tangle.Only virgin hair can be processed to light blonde hair, the color is stable and uniform. You will find the color is not uniform if dying on normal human hair.

  2. lovedolls123 lovedolls123 2020-06-27 08:51

    Cuticle aligned Virgin Hair CollectionThe collection of virgin hair is different from normal human hair. Virgin hair is collected from people’s head directly, collector checks the hair quality to make sure it is healthy with cuticle aligned and no dyed before, only this kind of hair can be used as virgin hair material. While normal human hair are collected from hair salon or fallen hair, many of the hair has been dyed or fall off head, a part of hair’s cuticles are not intact.You will find the cuticle virgin hair is more expensive for its limited sourcing on market, while it is Worth investing. If your business positioning top quality hair extensions, cuticle virgin hair should be first to considered.

  3. lovedolls123 lovedolls123 2020-06-27 08:50

    But what are hair cuticles, anyway? Hair cuticles are layers of scales that make up the outer shaft of each individual strand of hair. On a strand of remy cuticle hair manufacturer, the scales are facing downwards towards the end of the strand. The cuticle edges are sensitive enough to catch onto the surface of your fingers, as well as onto one another. When chemically processed, this sensitivity is damaged and the hair is weakened and not able to fasten onto any surface properly.

  4. lovedolls123 lovedolls123 2020-06-27 08:49

    Cuticle- aligned hair extensions is becoming popular recent years, more and more hair distributors and hair salons aiming to upgrade their hair extensions are doing research and looking for a good Cuticle aligned hair manufacturer now, As a company sensitive to customer need We create a new brand Umihair which focus on the Cuticle- aligned hair extensions.