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Neatoramanauts, share your http://neatorama.com favorites.

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  1. robirming robirming 2010-09-24 15:04

    Car Trunks and Drawers

    At one time the car bra was a popular automobile accessory. I don’t see so many car owners buying them lately. But in the late 1980s, this cartoon of a matching set of car panties and bra that I drew for Road & Track magazine was topical.


  2. murtlest murtlest 2010-09-10 23:22

    yes :)

  3. neatorama neatorama 2010-09-10 23:22

    Ooh, I just noticed that the Chrome tab also twitches when there's a new post

  4. murtlest murtlest 2010-09-10 23:19


  5. neatorama neatorama 2010-09-10 23:18

    Cool! Learning new things :)

  6. murtlest murtlest 2010-09-10 23:03

    @neatorama the group gets red and has a star on the right side when it's updated?

  7. Agricola Agricola 2010-09-10 23:01

    A little star shows up next to the group under "Your Groups" when there is a new post.

  8. neatorama neatorama 2010-09-10 23:01

    Oops how did that double post happen?

  9. neatorama neatorama 2010-09-10 23:00

    Maybe a simple notification that other threads you follow are updated without having to visit them?

  10. neatorama neatorama 2010-09-10 23:00

    Maybe a simple notification that other threads you follow are updated without having to visit them?

  11. robirming robirming 2010-09-10 21:50

    Yes, that's a very cool idea! Hopefully these kind will emerge when we have the new Qvaq API out.

  12. murtlest murtlest 2010-09-10 21:50

    thanks a lot for the post!! :D

  13. murtlest murtlest 2010-09-10 21:49

    ah beeing able to view multiple groups at the same time would be cool

  14. robirming robirming 2010-09-10 21:48

    Thank you very much for the Neatorama post about Qvaq! :)

  15. macboysweden macboysweden 2010-09-10 21:48

    That could be really great

  16. neatorama neatorama 2010-09-10 21:48

    Off to lunch! BRB

  17. neatorama neatorama 2010-09-10 21:47

    You know what would be fun? Being able to follow multiple discussions at the same time by placing them side by side. Kind of like tweetdeck.

  18. robirming robirming 2010-09-10 21:34

    But we hope that will change soon. The first users really seems to enjoy the concept.

  19. robirming robirming 2010-09-10 21:33

    Not that easy to notice when it's still not that much action going on here :)

  20. neatorama neatorama 2010-09-10 21:32

    Duh! I should've noticed that myself :)

  21. robirming robirming 2010-09-10 21:28

    Just like a real-time chat.

  22. robirming robirming 2010-09-10 21:28

    All is automatic, you can just sit back and post and read.

  23. neatorama neatorama 2010-09-10 21:27

    I mean when the thread is updated by other people, do I have to refresh my browser to see the latest post?

  24. neatorama neatorama 2010-09-10 21:26

    Does Qvaq auto-refresh with each new post?

  25. robirming robirming 2010-09-10 21:23

    Thank you! @murtlest is the magician behind that feature.

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