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Movie Quotes quiz

Movie Quotes quiz

Guess what movie the quotes comes from. If you come up with the right answer its your turn to post a new movie quote for others to guess. Within an hour, otherwise, anyone can post a new quote.

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  1. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2011-08-25 21:57

    me too :)

  2. whit whit 2011-08-25 21:56

    i love that movie!!!

  3. whit whit 2011-08-25 21:56

    i think the first one

  4. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2011-08-25 21:56

    oh.. very fast!

  5. whit whit 2011-08-25 21:56


  6. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2011-08-25 21:55

    ok, here's a new quote:

    Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"!

  7. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2011-08-25 21:51

    dont think i´ve seen that movie..

  8. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2011-08-25 21:50

    oh yeess.. i did cheat..

  9. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2011-08-25 21:50

    "I heart Huckabees"

  10. whit whit 2011-04-29 15:51

    the title sounds like "eye fart muck-a-tease"

  11. whit whit 2011-04-29 14:39

    "i <3 _ _ _ _ a _ _ _ _" is the title

  12. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2011-04-29 14:38

    don't think more quotes would help, is there any other clues that you can give us @whit?

  13. murtlest murtlest 2011-04-20 22:15

    just guessing that because it's many words in that movie and this seems to be a wordy movie

  14. murtlest murtlest 2011-04-20 22:14

    Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy??

  15. whit whit 2011-04-20 18:28

    The woods are hopeless. Don't waste your time, they will be destroyed. So will the marsh. It is a losing game mankind has played for more than a century. Sadness is what you are, do not deny it. The universe is a lonely place, a painful place. This is what we can share between us, period. 

  16. whit whit 2011-04-20 18:26

    Say this blanket represents all the matter and energy in the universe, okay? This is me, this is you, And over here, this is the Eiffel Tower, right, it's Paris! 

  17. whit whit 2011-04-20 18:26

    There's nothing too small. You know when police find the slightest piece of DNA and build a case on it? If we might see you floss or masturbate that could be the key till your entire reality. 

  18. whit whit 2011-04-20 18:19

     Wake up, pretty girl, the joke is on you! 

  19. murtlest murtlest 2011-04-19 23:28

    no, i thought for a while that the mayo-thing was familiar but i don't think it is

  20. Skalman Skalman 2011-04-19 21:07

    no idea

  21. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2011-04-19 17:45

    couse i still dont have a clue on this one.. @murtlest @Skalman or @iannleon maybe? ;)

  22. AeroZeppelin AeroZeppelin 2011-04-19 17:43

    good! :)

  23. whit whit 2011-04-19 17:43

    this movie is chocked full of quotes!!

  24. whit whit 2011-04-19 17:43

    Nobody sits like this rock sits. You rock, rock. The rock just sits and is. You show us how to just sit here and that's what we need. 

  25. whit whit 2011-04-19 17:42

    Shania hates mayo all right, and she can't eat chicken salad, thats no joke. We gave it to her once, she threw up in the limo - the lady hates chicken salad. So I bring out a bunch of tuna fish sandwiches - she still doesn't believe me - I say, Shania, I'm allergic to mayo - which, by the way, is a lie. Shania still doesn't believe me so I eat two of the sandwiches in front of her to prove it. So she eats one and a half sandwiches, one and a half sandwiches... before she realizes, its chicken salad. 

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