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  1. happyday11 happyday11 2017-06-01 03:28

    Swimwear leader, Manhattan 

    wholesale swimwear Beachwear, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Julie Guaderrama as Global Director of Marketing and Direct to Consumer.

    The second half of “The Nutcracker” turned out to be even more impressive than the first. It all takes place in protagonist Clara’s Christmas Eve dream, so there’s ample opportunity for fun and whimsy: A two-story corset skirts sets clown wearing a circus tent like a dress births a half-dozen smaller dancing clowns; children dressed as bees caper around adorably; long-limbed ballerinas whirl like snowflakes; and — for the big finale — Clara lifts off in a hot air balloon while waving goodbye.

    But a play is not a research paper, not a corsets wholesale  sermon, and Intimate Apparel would be less if this American tale were not so empathetically told, or the performances less memorable.

  2. happyday11 happyday11 2017-06-01 03:27

    Brands expanding their wholesale bikinis  assortment to target curvy women is an ongoing trend, but Swimsuits for All’s move — a plus-size line introducing smaller sizes — is a new type of shift. Mitzner believes more brands will start to think about broadening their suit underwear  offerings in an attempt to create a more inclusive shopping experience.

    Then, as Lauer discussed the questionable music tastes of colleague Savannah Guthrie -- "it's all melancholy acoustic guitar jam, and the lyrics are all about, 'someone broke my heart,'" he complained -- DeGeneres let loose a simple but effective prank. 

  3. happyday11 happyday11 2017-06-01 03:27

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