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  1. lasernzh lasernzh 2016-08-04 09:48

    The latest laser weapons destroyed a truck instantly from 1 miles away According to foreign media reports, Lockheed Martin conducted a test recently, used a new burning laser weapons destroyed a truck instantly from 1 miles away.The laser weapon is developed according to a similar area defense system which is also developed by Lockheed Martinworking aimed at deal with the threat of air.Laser weapon VS laser pointer
    The truck is not normally running, but on a platform, and keep the engine and power system in a state of start. According to a company spokesman said, this is the highest energy laser pointer produced by the type of 5000mw Laser weapon , which also set a new milestone. Lockheed Martin hopes to continue to carry out additional tests of the laser weapon.Lockheed Martin's chief technologist Keoki Jackson in a statement said: "fiber optical laser weapon is bringing revolutionary change of directed energy system, the test also let us closer to the development for military aircraft, helicopters, boats and trucks lightweight fixed laser weapon system.Laser weapons has a a very large market at against small unmanned aircraft target with the development of high power fiber lasers and free electron lasers, it will gradually replace dense array and ram missiles in the future.Lockheed Martin Laser systemIn May 2013, the Lockheed Martin discloses the vehicle mounted laser cannons Adam developed by the US Army. Stop the rocket from 1.5 km away. DDG105 Dewey, the guided missile destroyers equipped with 200mw Green Laser weapon system in the Pacific use of high energy laser irradiated target drone successful, the combustion and crashed.This shows that the U.S. Department of defense continued development of military high energy lasers have achieved certain results, the developed laser can respond to certain surface and air targets within 1 km range. In the future, there will be more powerful shipboard laser for the use of surface vessels, which scope of its action will up to 10 km.

    This more powerful laser can provide terminal defense capabilities for naval surface vessels, to resist certain ballistic missiles, including anti ship ballistic missiles (ASBM). December 10, 2012, the Lockheed Martin Adam area laser weapon prototype tested destroyed a flying rocket successfully from 1.6 km away.

    According to a company spokesman, the latest test is the first field test of the 100mw Laser Pointer weapon. The development of the laser weapon with a beam superposition technique. Compared with other systems, it has the characteristics of more efficient and more lethal.Last year, Lockheed Martin also conduct a similar test on a shop, show the laser weapon of defense capability. The vessels in the test were stopped within 30 seconds after being punctured by a laser weapon.http://www.anzeigenbox.at/kaufen-verkaufen/sonstiges/htpow-30000mw-laser-pointer-blue-the-most-powerful-laser-pointer-in-the-world_i3745http://indulgy.com/post/ht8kzbaue3