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  1. lasereshop lasereshop 2016-07-02 11:38

    Fancy starry lasers!

    Awesome burning laser you can see it 100yds out in the shade, sunlight of course eliminates the green dot. The laser is made completely out of metal and feels very well built. This has two different mounts for rail mount or scope mount, and two different switches. The first switch is a push button constant on, the second is a remote pressure switch that can be mounted by the trigger; this will turn the laser on as long as you keep it pressed.

    I bought this High Powered Laser Pointer for my coyote hunting rifle, I wanted to sight it in for 100 yards and night hunting. I figured if I put the beam on them I sould be good for quite a many yards out.

    They are good sized birds with 4-6' wing spans...and there are hefty fines for shooting them. However, at dusk, you can get out your green laser, and when a couple of them start to panic from the surprising light...the whole bunch leaves.

    I used a High Powered Laser Pointer to 'move' several hundred mallards from a marina. Red Laser Pointer didn't work. Unless you have experienced this, you have no idea how disturbing it can be to have scores of buzzards decide to roost in your trees. They chew plastic/rubber molding on cars...and asphalt roofing...for some mysterious reason.

    It is much brighter than my red lasers and I can see it on a building over 1/2 a mile away. I can see the beam all they way to the target, awesome to see at night. The pressure switch has three points for contact so you will definitly turn the light on. I will have to wait to see how it holds up to actual hunting. The mount locks up tight and won't move, I like it. All tools needed are supplied. Company is in California. 

    I wanted a 100mw laser for my rifle for ease of visibility, and this thing does the job. The mounting hardware is solid, and I'm using the momentary touch-pad on a Magpul MOE foregrip + the Magpul flashlight mounting kit. I had to adjust windage & elevation to get it sighted in at 25 yards, but once set, this burning laser was very accurate. The dot is easily visible in broad daylight at 25-50 yards. I haven't tried viewing it beyond that range, even at night.