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lasernzh 2016-07-26, 10:40

What is a true laser pointerThis is a very solidly built Tactical 5000mw Laser Pointer made of aluminum alloy. Its footprint isn't too large, but isn't that small either. It's small enough to stow-n-gow in bag or keep it attached to a rifle. The green laser is very bright and has very good range, so it is powerful. DO NOT point it in someones eyes.I've been eyeing a green laser for a while. I have kids so I have been hesitant to purchase any sort of green laser due to the high chance of eye injury. Having this mounted on my rifle helps turn it into something other than a toy.

The build quality of this little laser sight is really good. The screw fittings screw in smoothly, the mount is sturdy and attached easily. This comes with a pressure switch and a toggle switch. Both switches work well.This burning laser is Solid. Its built well, the threads for the caps are clean (often on cheap lasers the threads are not clean and can cause crossthreading on the caps). It gives you several mounting options as well as push button and corded remote on.It comes with a few mounts, one that can mount to a scope with a 1" tube and one for a 1913 Picatinny standard spec fail. I used the latter and it installed with no issues and help firm. The windage and elevation adjustments on the laser were good and I could feel each click.The Green 100mw Laser work well, but if you remove this from the mount it will be almost impossible to maintain accuracy the next time you put it back. If you marked the exact location and angle of rotation of the laser, you could probably maintain a degree of accuracy without sighting in again.
I was offered this laser sight at a discounted in exchange for writing a review.

I've had some fun with this little guy! I wasn't sure how useful a Laser Sight would be, but if nothing else you can show your buddies exactly what you are shooting at! I've had this out on multiple shooting days and it's been really fun. I've also had this out at night to point at stars! It's cool for that since you can clearly see the beam in the dark night sky. Super fun and handy for that. This laser is super bright, and you can see the beam from a very long distance in medium to low light, and even in bright light it's visible from huge distances.

By lasernzh in m/htpow on 2016-07-26 10:40:50.