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  1. lasernzh lasernzh 2016-07-16 09:06

    Have you ever seen the real power of lasers?Are lasers really more effectively than bullets, shells, downed aircraft, breakdown to annihilate the enemy tanks?One of the world's first lasers is a ruby laser , which belongs to a solid state 5000mw Laser Pointer , with a ruby, garnet and other crystal or special glass as the work material. Solid state laser is compact and firm, so it has been widely used in military affairs. The distance measuring instrument on the early stage is the core of the garnet laser. The problem is in the heat. Solid state laser output power reached tens of kilowatts, in the emission process as the material of glass rods and crystal rod will produce heat, the heat is not easy to disseminate, so a time after the launch of the crystal rod and a glass rod will be due to heat generated serious deformation, which will enable subsequent emission beam becomes no longer focused, the energy dispersed generation, so the light energy will no longer focused and effective.As we all konw,when the object is irradiated by sunlight, the surface material will absorb the energy of light and is heated, the energy is high to a certain extent, the surface of the object will be softened and melted. If the light energy is higher, and converge at a point, the surface of the object will be gasification, and even ionization to produce the so-called plasma.Burning laser weapons of war to attract another advantage of military experts is the speed of light, and there is no recoil, it is traditional guns absolutely can not be compared. In fact, the burning laser has long been into people's lives, everyone has to use almost every day. Computer and VCD, DVD drive, it is by a small laser from a plastic disc read image data,. In the industrial production, the use of laser cutting steel plate has long been a high technology. In real military applications, the guided bombs have been published for 30 years with a laser.All in all, we have to ask why 300mw Laser Pointer weapoin still has not become the ultimate weapon ? To answer this question, we must understand the laser shot down aircraft, the conditions required to break the tank, that is, the surface area of energy radiation in the target unit is much larger, to be able to destroy the target. This is like using armor piercing shells to hit the tank, the higher the kinetic energy, the easier it is to penetrate the tank armor.The power of the laser cannon is related to several factors. First, the laser power and irradiation time and 1000mw Laser Pointer is directly proportional to, but the duration of the exposure will be aimed at the disadvantage, therefore, the main idea is to try to improve power. To destroy target of Peterborough, laser power must be up to several tens of kilowatts, our common lasers can achieve this point? The most common life is CD-ROM laser computer and DVD machine, called "semiconductor lasers". They can theoretically reach the maximum power of only 50 watts, and therefore can not be used to make laser cannons. So, the solid state lasers, gas lasers and chemical lasers with a higher power potential are in the people's field of vision. http://imgfave.com/view/7243987http://www.tagtele.com/videos/voir/230701

  2. lasernzh lasernzh 2016-07-16 09:05

  3. lasernzh lasernzh 2016-07-16 09:05