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welcome to be here to learn the funny lasers!

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  1. lasereshop lasereshop 2016-06-22 10:45

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
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    <title>The development of laser weapon</title>
    <p align="justify">Pre-reading: Rouse laser short range defense system has entered the mature stage of development, with the entire system purchase price which only about 15 million dollars, compared with the existing phalanx system which only about 3500Million purchase price is much cheaper, Rahm missile system, although the system price is not high, but the price of a single missile has reached about $1 million, plus the <a href="http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-27.html"><strong>high powered laser</strong></a>  weapon without the need to play Medicine supplement. </p>
    <p align="justify"><img src="http://www.lasereshop.com/images/p/30000mw-blaue-laser-zeiger-hq070047-263.jpg" alt="Waterproof laser pointer"/></p>
    <p align="justify">December 2014, according to CNN cable news network reported, the U. S. Navy in the Middle East waters of the Persian Gulf, the installed in Ponce, amphibious transport dock rouse (laws) shipborne laser short range air defense system, successfully destroyed without man-machine and water sailing boat. This is a carefully arranged test, there are two points are worth attention. Ponce, captain has been authorized to use the weapon system, which means if there is no human or boat provocation can use this weapon to fight, rouse system is not close to the actual state, but has the actual deployment of the. On the other hand, the test was chosen in the high temperature and high salinity of the Persian Gulf, known as the Persian Gulf, the environmental conditions are very. Routh shipborne laser short range defense system is a kind of what kind of weapon system? Laser weapon research and development has reached which level? We have to start with <a href="http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-25.html"><strong>Laser Pointer</strong></a> and laser weapons.</p>
    <p align="justify">According to the original idea, war can be took off at the same time 20-30 aircraft equipped with laser weapons of Boeing 747 aircraft to fight about 100 rounds of incoming missiles, but the U.S. military that laser power but also to enhance 20-30 times, so distance development target is still far away, in a situation of cuts in military spending under the oppression of the, the ABL program dismount turn as technical reserves, the project name was changed for the altb.<br />
    <p align="justify">In 1958, scientists in the United States Swallow Schawlow and Denys (Townes) in the laboratory, with neon light rare earth crystals, issued dazzling, convergent beam together, they put the names for Lasar, meaning &quot;by stimulated emission of radiation of light amplification. In 1964, they both won the Nobel prize in physics for the discovery of lasers. <a href="http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-6.html">Green Laser</a> was found in the scientific community quickly caused a sensation, known as the 20th century, mankind in the atomic can, computer, semiconductor, the fourth a very, very important invention, known as the brightest light, the most accurate of the foot, the fastest knife.<br />
    <p align="justify">Laser has excellent characteristics of high brightness, high orientation, high monochromaticity and coherence, has been rapid development in recent decades, the laser has been widely applied to our life in the face, small to a CD of hand, supermarket bar code scanners, large bowel light welding, laser cutting, uses a very wide.<br />
    <p align="justify">At the beginning of the advent of the laser, the United States has always been a special high-tech equipment, the United States military, would like to put it on the battlefield, but to turn the laser into a weapon and equipment is not so easy to imagine. First of all to solve the two problem, the first one, the requirements of the <a href="http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-16.html">100mw laser</a>  energy is large enough. The second problem is how to make the laser beam to overcome the constraints of the atmospheric conditions, accurate exposure to the exact location of the target, that is, with the aim of the problem.<br />
    <p align="justify">971 years, the United States Navy set up a high energy laser program management office, began the development of <a href="http://www.lasereshop.com/laser-sight/p-29.html">Laser Sight</a> . At that time, the development direction of the development of carbon dioxide gas laser, but the power of carbon dioxide laser is not fast, the delay can not meet the needs of. In the middle of the 70's, began to develop the direction of chemical laser. In March 1978, chemical laser successfully destroyed low flying &quot;Tao&quot; anti tank missiles, subsequently turn and started &quot;sea stone chemical laser development plan.<br />
    <p align="justify">At the beginning of the eighties of the last century, Star Wars plan proposed by the Reagan administration, for research and development of laser weapon injected huge amounts of money, the United States Air Force put efforts focused on the (belonging to gas lasers) on chemical oxygen iodine laser, and the Boeing 704-400F as the carrier machine experiment, the output power reaches megawatt level, the goal is destroyed hundreds of kilometers in the boost phase of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The Yankees overcome the hundreds of kilometers of transmission in the atmosphere on the laser deflection action research study the key subject, two target practice test in 2010, partially successful<br />
      <br />
    <p align="justify">In the 90's of the last century, the United States Army began a joint development of the tactical high energy <a href="http://www.lasereshop.com/red-laserpointer/p-59.html">laser pointer keychain</a> (THEL) with Israel. Similar to the United States Air Force and United States Army chose deuterium fluoride chemical lasers, the target output power reached 40 million kilowatts, 10 km outside the aircraft, Rocket Intercept. In 1996, the laser shot down 2 Soviet flying in 122 mm rockets at White Sands Missile range.<br />
    <p align="justify">But the laser weapon volume is huge, cannot be loaded in ground vehicles and more than two kinds of laser weapons actually by chemical can as raw material, each shot needs to consume large amounts of oxygen iodine chemical agents, even if it is a large body of a Boeing 747 aircraft, can only load agent of 24 shots.<br />
    <p align="justify">During the period from 1987 to 1988, the United States Navy at White Sands test field, a series of shooting test, successfully destroyed a supersonic anti-ship missile. To 2000, the United States Navy has developed the &quot;target -1&quot; and &quot;target -2&quot; two kinds of carrier lasers, respectively, for the air target and anti ship missiles, the actual effect is unknown.<br />