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  1. vaqstyle vaqstyle 2017-07-31 14:29

    Bohindie Streams and realized dreams

    We’re told that college is where we have the freedom to make our dreams and aspirations become lived realities. Because we’re finally able to have control over the courses we take and the path we want to pursue, college is less about discovering and more about doing. In the years spent away, earning our degrees, most of us apply the lessons learned in the classroom to the extracurricular activities in which we partake. In doing so, many of us begin building upon the passions that will soon become our careers, the passions that will come to shape our everyday lives.

    Florida State alumna, Briana Ali, entered her college career as someone with a passion for fashion and a knack for entrepreneurship. Having discovered Market Wednesday during her freshman year, Ali wanted to create something that would allow her to participate in the weekly event. Deciding that selling clothing would be a little too much of an investment at the time, she sat down and did some brainstorming, which lead her to landing on jewelry.

    “At the time, I had been looking for cool jewelry to wear, but I wasn’t really seeing that,” says Ali. “There’s was nothing for my style, at least, which is a little bit more whimsical and unique…so I wanted to create something different.”

    With this as her decided product, Ali ordered materials. Though she had never made jewelry before, she was determined to create her own line. So, she sat down, and taught herself how to make jewelry. Thus, “Bohindie Stream” was born.

    “So, when I first started, my two passions were, and still are, fashion and music,” says Ali. “So, I wanted to mesh the two together. At the time, I wanted to do Bohemian style jewelry, and obviously I was independent—indie—so I meshed the two words together and got ‘bohindie.’

    “Stream comes from the idea of streaming music, so I just combined all of that together,” continues Ali. “And at the time, to mesh the two together, I had a blog on the website where I would blog about music.”

    Ali explains that her line began as an Etsy account.

    “People just started ordering my pieces online, and I hadn’t even promoted it much,” says Ali. “I was very lowkey about Bohindie Stream. I didn’t talk about it much. It was just my little Etsy account, you know?

    Six months after opening her Etsy account, Ali decided to create her own website through WordPress where she could sell vintage clothing alongside her jewelry, as well as grow the jewelry as a brand. But, she still wasn’t talking much about her line in her every-day life.

    “This started off as a way for me to vend at Market Wednesday, right? But my whole Sophomore year, I just didn’t talk about it until my friends came over and we were hanging out in my room, and they noticed my box of jewelry making stuff,” continues Ali. “They asked about it and I was like, ‘yeah, I sell jewelry online!’”

    With the support of her friends and of her customers, her brand began to grow, and she began to feel more comfortable promoting her brand and talking about it with friends and peers. She started vending, and in her junior year, Ali won a competition with Urban Outfitters. This allowed her to vend at their store, dine with the executives, and have a shopping spree. Along with all of this, she was given a free, one-year subscription to Squarespace, where she built her new website for her fast-growing brand.

    Now, Ali not only has her own website, but she also vends around the state, has her jewelry on display and ready to buy in Wonsaponatime Vintage, a local boutique, and she’s even sold her jewelry as an official vendor at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

    “That was our first festival, so it was kind of like a test for us to see if we like it,” says Ali. “Next year, we kind of want to apply to all of the festivals. Bonnaroo was so fun, and people responded well to the jewelry, so that was encouraging!”

    With all the success surrounding Bohindie Stream, Ali has had to enlist help. She now has an internship program that allows interns to aid her with styling shoots and with the brand’s official social media account. She is also currently looking to expand her staff so that she’s not alone in creating the jewelry.

    Much like its creator, Bohindie Stream is a jewelry line that is both whimsical and stylish as well as vibrant and fun. Having a lot of celestial influences, the line is a reminder to keep your head in the stars. After all, who’s to say you can’t make your dreams a reality? Isn’t that what college is all about?

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  2. vaqstyle vaqstyle 2017-03-23 11:03

    Jop Combines Task Rabbit, Handy and Glamsquad Into One App

    A while back, entrepreneurs Canel Frichet and Sebastian Lombardo made the very millennial decision that they hated the idea of being stuck to one single profession in life, citing the fact that people have different talents, along with interests that change and evolve. Then they looked at New York and recognized that in this fast paced city, people are continuously on the hunt for (even more) instant gratification and methods to optimize and simplify their lives. Frichet was determined to figure out a way to change the model of direct-to-consumer offerings in a mobile platform that not only fused pre-existing services under one hub, but one that also changed the experience for its employees. Meet Jop.

    The app allows users to choose from 42 unique categories, from a Thai tutor, a handyman, a DJ, a bartender and a manicurist. Users can also schedule appointments directly with the person slated to perform each service. So say goodbye to Task Rabbit, Handy, Glamsquad and the middlemen that tend to delay those appointments. Booking a service directly with the person that will be completing your desired task fosters a more seamless and personal experience. Further, Jop guarantees you’ll be paired with carefully vetted and background-checked candidates.

    Customers are able to tap a screen and connect with a professional in their city, whether they are seeking an expert in trimming mustaches, repairing faucets, walking dogs, teaching guitar, or making a mean margarita. For users, the transaction is very simple: find any service on the easy-to-use interface, pick a Jopper, book instantly, and chat directly. Once booked, Joppers arrive at the customer’s doorstep, ready to work.

    What really sets Jop apart from other on-demand apps is their mutually beneficial economic model and sharing philosophy, where people can get compensated with what they deserve by doing what they love. Community ratings and reviews generated by users govern the network, while prices without company overhead are attractive on both sides of the marketplace. Frichet and Lombardo take a much lower cut per transaction, compared to the general on-demand space, resulting in better earnings for Joppers and better prices for users. Joppers are also eligible to earn company equity and shares, based on their level of activity and their performance on the platform, taking into account ratings, referrals, and number of services completed. The co-founders felt that allowing their employees to have a slice of this new business was imperative to the company’s overall mission. Ultimately, happy workers provide better service.

    With Jop, talented individuals don’t have to stick to one just one task. They get paid for doing what they love on their own time, while benefiting from performing well within a company that values their skillset. Jop is the new way to work, and alternatively, the one stop shop to streamline your busy life.

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  3. vaqstyle vaqstyle 2017-03-18 07:50

    The Duchess of Cambridge dazzles in Jenny Packham in Paris

    As if the LBD-and-pearls look she debuted earlier in the evening hadn't been enough to convince the French- with their notoriously elevated standards- of her sartorial prowess, the Duchess of Cambridge made sure to underscore the point as she debuted her third outfit of a busy day of engagements which began in Hounslow this morning.

    For a glittering black tie gala to celebrate the best of British and French relations and attended by Amelie star Audrey Tatou and Dame Kristen Scott-Thomas, Kate opted for a tried-and-tested equation courtesy of Jenny Packham, one of her go-to designers. The silver, delicately embellished design bears all the hallmarks of Packham's signature dazzling eveningwear.

    Although the gown paid less obvious homage to her hosts than the McQueen LBD and pearls which she had worn just an hour or so earlier, the refined column silhouette was one of the sleekest Packham dresses Kate has been seen in. She paired the look with the glimmering Oscar de la Renta heels she first wore to a UK/ India reception at Buckingham Palace last month.

    Whether at home or abroad, the Duchess has carved out a strategy of representing the British fashion industry in a way which stays true to her natural polished, ladylike personal style.

    Jenny Packham established her business in 1988 and while she's a quiet presence on the British fashion scene, her work has proven substance. Society clientele and Hollywood stars alike often turn to the designer for beautifully cut, timeless and feminine pieces.

    During last year's tour of India and Bhutan, Kate wore a cobalt blue, sari-like dress by Packham for a dinner in Mumbai. One of her favourite looks from the designer is a glamorous blush pink and silver sequinned design which she first wore to a fundraising dinner shortly after her 2011 wedding and brought out again for a summer evening gala in aid of the EACH (the East Anglia Children's Hospices) charity of which she is patron.

    Packham is also known for her bridal gowns and is surely on the shortlist of names to create Pippa Middleton's dress for her upcoming May wedding to James Matthews.

    Earlier today, the Duchess chose a Catherine Walker dress-coat to present shamrock to the Irish guards before flying to the French capital.

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  4. vaqstyle vaqstyle 2017-02-17 07:56

    This Colorado Company Specializes in Alpaca

    Caamano Inc is a Colorado-based company that specializes in blending culture and fashion by selling handcrafted alpaca and cotton clothing made in Peru. The fair-trade, family-run business began 35 years ago and now it’s one of the top stores leading the market in Peruvian attire.

    “All of our products are made by artisans in Peru,” said co-owner Danny Caamaño. “We sell alpaca shawls, sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves.” The company also has a cotton line, which includes 100 percent Peruvian cotton blouses, skirts, leggings and shoes.

    The store began when his mother and father decided to sell alpaca sweaters from their van throughout the northern states in the US. His father was originally from Peru and his mother was from North Dakota. They decided to start their business in Colorado after things started to take off. The first store opened in Breckenridge, Colorado.

    “My mom is from North Dakota and when she was young she always used to go to Breckenridge, she just fell in love with that place and my dad didn’t really have any say… it was her dream to have a store in Breckenridge,” Caamaño said. “My father was doing the wholesale side and my mother was involved in the retail before she passed away in 2012.”

    There are now two store locations, one at 7681 Shaffer Parkway in Littleton and one at 505 South Main Street in Breckenridge.

    “We used to have five stores – two in Breck, one in Keystone, one in Vail and one in Littleton, we ended up shrinking down and keeping the one beautiful store in Breckenridge and growing the wholesale,” he said. “After my mom passed away, there were too many memories in the small town so I wanted to come to Denver for better opportunities.”

    Now his father visits Peru a few times a year and helps with the design team. The main business is wholesale where they sell to over 500 boutiques in the US out of the main office in Littleton. They love working with their team in Peru and all the new designs are kept up to date with fresh new styles and modern trends.

    “Since we started, we have been working with people that are high up in the Andes …We are a fair trade company, for the last 30 years we’ve been working with the ladies in Peru,” he said. “We do not force them to come down from the mountains into factories, we bring our fibers to them where they’re happy to work and when we are done making products for other companies instead of telling them we have no work we are constantly asking for items so they keep getting paid … it’s been a blessing to work with them.”

    The Peruvian business has been good for the family and they hope to continue to grow their business in the Denver area.

    “I can tell you that throughout the 35 years of being in business there have been a lot more people starting to do the handcrafted goods from Peru, but we were one of the first and we continue to improve the hand-styled line and leading the market,” he said.



  5. vaqstyle vaqstyle 2017-02-07 04:18

    Apple Tree Yard: the story behind Yvonne Carmichael's polished working woman wardrobe

    The fundamental premise of Apple Tree Yard, the BBC drama which reaches its climax tonight, is that Dr Yvonne Carmichael was just your standard high-flying, middle-class woman until something extraordinary happened to her.

    All the pointers are there in the wine nights with her closest girlfriends, her elegant but not overly pristine home and her wardrobe of trench coats, professional tailoring and statement scarves. While Yvonne's look may not have the determinedly sharp and sleek hallmarks of, say, The Fall's Stella Gibson or House of Cards' Claire Underwood, it is a fascinating exercise in creating what costume designer Ray Holman calls "a normal, middle-aged woman" albeit one for whom her clothes are evidently important, if not an obsession.

    "We wanted to create the idea of a woman with a full wardrobe - one which consists of old things and new things from professional pieces which are tailored and things for around the house," Holman explains of the strategy he cooked up with actress Emily Watson, who plays Carmichael. "It’s a collection of clothes she would have built up over ten years."

    As you would expect, Holman scoured all the shops one might imagine Yvonne popping into on her way back from a meeting or whose websites she might browse as a break from writing her latest paper on DNA. "I went to House of Fraser, Hobbs, L.K Bennett, Phase Eight, Next and even good old Marks and Spencer," Holman remembers. "But I also wanted some special pieces in there too like the Max Mara coat. I even dug into my own storage and got out some older things like pashminas and old knitted cardigans. Then I had some skirts made which suited Emily’s figure specifically."

    The story of Holman's first stroke of inspiration is aptly reminiscent of how a cultured woman like Carmichael would shop. "The first time I contacted Emily was actually a phone call while I was in New York. It happened that on the same day, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art," says Holman. "I went to the museum shop and in there I found the scarf which Emily finally wore in the Apple Tree Yard scenes. I took a picture and sent it to Emily and said ‘I think this could define Yvonne’."

    Indeed in the earlier episodes, scarves are very important. Yvonne wears prettily patterned ones to work as carefully thought-out finishing touches to her professional look. As well as the Met Museum one, Holman says Ted Baker was another favourite destination for picking these up. But she also snuggles into scarves when she's at home, typing her secret diary on her computer or hanging out with her kids. Those ones had a more sentimental, cosy feel with Holman bringing in pashminas from his travels to India to give the sense of something collected over the years.

    Yvonne's illicit affair also dictated plenty of the wardrobe decisions. "The use of cardigans was very important, so they could be undone during the passionate scenes," says Holman. "We wanted to reveal a tiny bit of flesh but not do nudity, so cardigans were a way to do it very carefully."

    While Yvonne is not seen strutting around in her bra and knickers, underwear was still crucial. "It’s part and parcel of the woman isn’t it? So we started from scratch with that," Holman explains. During a couple of long costume fittings, Holman and Watson went through bras and knickers to make sure "the details were right." "We asked ourselves, is she wearing tights or stockings here? Is this a knickers moment or a Spanx moment?" he says.

    The L.K Bennett black and red sheath dress which Yvonne wore on the night which began with the Apple Tree Yard sex scene and culminates in George Selway raping her was crucial. "That’s her Going Out dress and showed an optimistic start to the night," Holman says. "It’s a combination of the colour and the cut which made it special; in her normal work day she wears skirts which are a-line so they move and bounce. But I think this is the only time she wears a fitted skirt, to make herself feel good."

    Another pivotal scene is the dinner party which Yvonne and husband Gary attend in the weeks following her attack. For this, it was all about "making a big effort". Despite the trauma she is still suffering, Yvonne is putting on a brave face to hide her anguish from the world, and her clothes - a floral printed knit and a smattering of jewellery - are a vehicle for showing that. "The reason we chose that printed jumper was because it was half way between being miserable and being dressed up," says Holman. "In our heads, Emily and I thought it had taken a lot to get to that point but we knew she had to present herself well."

    In last night's and tonight's scenes, Yvonne is in court and of course her look has altered to reflect the crisis-mode she finds herself in. "She’s being very respectful in court," Holman reflects. "She wears her softly tailored jackets which are smart and professional but not too dressed up. I used to be the costume designer on Silk so I know how lawyers advise their clients to dress in a sombre manner."

    He says it is Yvonne's feet that we should look to for the surest sign of how her life has changed in tonight's nail-biting finale. "In the first episode, she is wearing her glamorous Russell and Bromley high heels to work," he says of her 'Woman who has it all' look. " But in court, it's mid-heeled, sensible shoes from Marks and Spencer."

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  6. vaqstyle vaqstyle 2017-02-05 08:48

    The ‘Esquire Man’ Is Dead.Long Live the ‘Esquire Man.

    To that pocket-square-wearing, sidecar-sipping human known as the “Esquire man,” this was life as it was intended to be: a roomful of wags in natty suits throwing back cocktails and trading banter in one of Manhattan’s hottest restaurants, as willowy models and square-jawed movie stars circled the room.

    At Esquire magazine’s “Mavericks of Style” dinner, held at Le Coucou on a rainy night this past November, spirits were so high, and consumed so freely, that it might as well have been 1966 — doubly so, since Gay Talese, Esquire’s living monument to the New Journalism of the 1960s, was holding court, dry gin martini in hand, a few yards away from Jay Fielden, Esquire’s new editor in chief.

    “There was a period of time when Esquire had a real literary charisma, and there was a culture that responded to it,” said Mr. Fielden, 48, sounding nostalgic as he reclined in a banquette, wearing a steel-bluel Ferragamo suit and sporting what may be the best head of male hair in the magazine industry, a cascade of artfully coifed curls that calls to mind both the belletrist whimsy of Oscar Wilde and the gunslinger gusto of Wild Bill Hickok. “How do you make that urgent to a younger generation?”

    It’s a question that may determine the fate of a magazine that for 84 years has not just sought to serve the American man, but to define him. Since the days of Hemingway, Esquire has provided a running seminar in the arts of manhood. It is where young men turned to learn to mix a French 75, tie a full Windsor knot, ogle (in purely aesthetic terms, of course) the latest lingerie-clad Hollywood ingénue and absorb life lessons from stoical, stubble-face cover subjects like Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper.

    But times have changed. As we move into the era of transgender bathrooms and L.G.B.T.Q.I.A. studies, when millennials are more likely to take their cultural cues from Justin Bieber’s Instagram feed than 6,000-word profiles of Sean Penn, Mr. Fielden is charged not just with bringing back Esquire’s glory days, but with also figuring out exactly what the Esquire man — that is, the American man — is in 2017.

    It is up to the 13th editor in Esquire’s history to decide if this is a crisis or an opportunity.

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  7. vaqstyle vaqstyle 2017-01-24 05:48

    Milan Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2017

    As far as “fashion capitals” are concerned, Milan has long been the go-to menswear destination for our global fashion biz, and there are countless reasons for why that would be; the city alone evokes notions of Italian craftsmanship, top-notch tailoring and beyond-dapper street style. And it’s there, on the biannual runway in Milan, the latest menswear collections have again provided a glimpse into a new season of stylish offerings for the well-dressed man. From relaxed leisurewear to refined, tailored numbers, here is a look back at the best collections from Milan Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2017.

    1. Prada

    I've always been a fan of how Miuccia Prada pushes herself (as well as her iconic fashion house) above, beyond or against industry norms. This season, with her latest menswear outing, she's again gone against the crowds by giving the boot to the trendy yet remarkably over-used sportswear influence—and replacing it with a 1970s-inspired range of corduroy, field jackets and leather berets. This collection was relaxed, somewhat reformed and really real. I marveled in her earthy tones and fell in love with her multi-colored geometric knitwear—and, of course, the bold furry belts that I suspect will be one of this upcoming season's must-have accessories.

    2. MSGM

    Inspired by horse racing and extreme alpine skiing, Massimo Giorgetti's less-aggressive-than-it-sounds Fall/Winter 2017 collection delivered trendy Italian street options in a parade of black-and-white checks, puffer jackets and tracksuit combos, while head coverings came in the form of silk headscarves and caps – all donned at the same time. This label's continuously bold use of color was a major bonus for me this season (in one occasion opting to layer a bright orange hoodie under a camel-collared orange-striped coat for an even-bolder impact); the end result had me wanting more.

    3. Fendi

    Easily pinpointed as one of my top favorites from the week, Fendi's enthusiastic collection of color-blocked track pants and fur coats offered a burst of fun and a certain level joyfulness not often experienced on the runway of this iconic Italian label. The spirit was alive in a series of headbands, beanies and knit sweaters, all of which featured the emblazoned words “YES,” “FANTASTIC” and “LOVE.” Though I typically liked how other designers this season ignored athletic influences, I really enjoyed seeing how Fendi layered zip-up cycling jerseys under black suits—a beautiful contrast to the rather street-wise fur slides and fur-striped tote bags appearing throughout the collection.

    4. Marni

    Following the departure of Marni's founder and creative director Consuelo Castiglioni October 2016, after 22 years at the helm, the Fall/Winter 2017 show marked the debut collection of Francesco Risso as the label's new creative director. For his first collection, Risso reimagined Castiglioni's familiar signature looks through a more street-cool approach. Belted trousers and tucked-in sweaters—all slightly undone, wrinkled and relaxed—met gorilla-like fur coats and bouffant fur beanies; all in all, a strong debut in what is sure to be a more playful, and certainly more youthful, Marni man.

    5. Salvatore Ferragamo

    Another inaugural collection worth a shout-out from Milan Fashion Week Men's is Salvatore Ferragamo's Fall/Winter 2017 runway show—and the debut of their new design director of men's ready-to-wear, Guillaume Meilland. For his first collection, Meilland sent out a lineup filled with layered looks, chunky cable knits, popping prints and an energetic nod to the Seventies—and, best yet, barely any references to the ath-leisure fad that's been sweeping the men's runway for far too long. Though the collection wasn't without its ever-trendy bomber (this time appearing in shearling), Meilland's variation on the Salvatore Ferragamo man looked entirely classy and yet effortlessly easy, complete with a wardrobe of outerwear options perfect for the cooler months in the city.

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  8. vaqstyle vaqstyle 2017-01-21 08:01

    Donald Trump Inauguration: Melania Trump channels Jacqueline Kennedy in blue dress

    If Hillary Rodham Clinton's failed presidential campaign was considered the Titanic, then fashion designer Ralph Lauren would be cast to play the role of Rose "there was room for two on that door" DeWitt Bukater.

    Or Judas.

    While Clinton missed out on becoming the 45th president of the United States, Lauren's brand has flourished since her defeat.

    His latest accomplishment came on Friday as a public relations coup when he was chosen to dress both the former first lady and the new occupant of the East Wing for Donald Trump's inauguration.

    The American label was considered Clinton's most favoured on the hustings last year. She wore Ralph Lauren pantsuits to many high profile appearances - to accept the Democratic nomination for president, the televised debates, her concession speech and, on Friday, to witness Trump taking office. Albeit in a white number. A colour she wore for key events during the campaign, and in tribute to suffragettes.

    Never one to shy away from emulating popular First Ladies, Melania Trump drew comparisons to Jacqueline Kennedy on Inauguration Day in 1961 by wearing a cornflower blue suit featuring a slim fitting cashmere dress and cropped wrap jacket. While she decided against a pill box hat, she paired the look with matching pumps and gloves for the day's festivities that included a Church service, coffee with the Obamas and the swearing in ceremony.

    "The presidential inauguration is a time for the United States to look our best to the world. It was important to us to uphold and celebrate the tradition of creating iconic American style for this moment," a Ralph Lauren spokesperson said via a statement.

    Melania previously wore Ralph Lauren - a white, one-shouldered jumpsuit - on election night.

    President Trump's daughter, Ivanka, like Clinton, wore ivory by another grand American design house and storied bipartisan designer - Oscar de la Renta. It was the third de la Renta number the 35-year-old donned in Washington this week, after she wore a green coat for a wreath-laying ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery, followed by a white cap-sleeve gown with a dramatic black ribbon sash for a candlelight pre-inauguration dinner.

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  9. vaqstyle vaqstyle 2017-01-19 04:16

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