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  1. lasernzh lasernzh 2016-08-16 05:53

    Another Chinese Laser Weapon Shocked the World
    Tactical burning laser weapons are basically used in air defense. In the aspect of air defence laser weapon, according to reliable information, China has been successfully developed at the beginning of this century ". The laser weapon for the main features of the attack speed fast, far range, shoot at the transfer is fast, accurate flight in any type of aircraft or missile hit. At present, it has become people's Liberation Army full range, low altitude interception of ideal counter defense weapon, an official with serving in the specific department of the air defense team and part of the ship. Its service to China's air defense combat power to enhance the benefit is very big, than the current prevailing in the world called the missile defense system more effective.Tactical burning laser weapon developmentLaser weapon use electric energy to generate high temperature and high pressure beam to achieve the goal of instant destruction. In the field of laser weapons,Russia's theoretical research in a leading position, while the real application of laser weapons is the US.It is not clear when this weapon will be put into wars, but current goals seems to offer 30000mw Laser weapon technology for destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers or Littoral Combat Ship.A Navy official said: "it is too early to determine whether this weapon system will have the capability to fight. Northrop Grumman has been funded to organize a demonstration, senior leadership will decide whether it is worth to put money into a project. "Navy and Northrop Grumman officials believe that laser weapons system cost a little, there is no need to use thousands of dollars to interceptor missiles Many naval officials have said that this weapon is a dominant position in terms of cost.Super burning laser weapon in AmericaAmerican 1000mw Laser weapons can not be applied to the real battlefield, it can only serve as a deterrent against the enemy's psychological and strategic. In recent years, the U.S. military has focus on solid laser weapons . It is made of the principle that the light emission produced by the stimulated emission of special crystal which is more compact and the energy is higher. But there are two problems could not break through, super - power solid laser and target locking tracking and missile tracking technology is now completely different), due to the MW super power solid laser (Note: more than 20 Watt laser column array the United States limit to our export) and intelligent high speed control loop of the development of success, so that China has the super distance attack of laser radar, developed by China Super distance the powerful attacks of laser radar.But there is one thing for sure, China in the development of Attack Laser Pointer weapons experts worthy is the world's top, and mastery of the five core technology of laser weapons: laser technology, laser radiation material physical mechanism and imaging pattern technology, disposable fast tracking and positioning control technology, laser imaging technology and high density energy reversible conversion technology . And early in the 1970s they had a plan for the development of laser technology, the 1990s developed new strategic anti satellite laser weapons successfully .The development strategy of laser weapon with help of the battle space increases, the more help to China a strategic advantage of control.http://lasernzh.spruz.com/pt/Is-That-a-True-Laser-Weapon-In-the-Star-War.8-15-2016/blog.htmhttp://bridge2business.org.uk/blog.php?token=OTM3NDU1ODY0MXwxNjc1fDc0fDMzMg==