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  1. urdolls urdolls 2019-10-28 03:30

    Japanese sex doll sales are boomingThe relationship between Nakajima and Saori made his family split, but the Tokyo-born businessman refused to give up her. Nakajima admits that it is unlikely that a wife who is alienated from him will be reconciled. He said: "I can't take a bath with Saori, and I can't watch TV with her." "I don't want to destroy my possession of Japanese sex doll."Sex robots can quickly "breath" using the intelligent AI "thorax" technique. A life-size dummies shared a bed under the same roof with his wife and a teenage daughter in Tokyo, an arrangement that sparked an angry quarrel before the final announcement of a delicate armistice.The worrying trend of mini 100cm doll addiction is revealed in an RT documentary called “Alternatives,” which focuses on how life-size dolls (female fakes with a silicone vagina) contribute to “a nation’s Loneliness and alienation."The 43-year-old blogger said: "It is more important now to establish a connection on my emotional level." His curiosity found a charred model on the street when he was young.He said: "People may think that I am very strange, but this is no different from collecting sports cars. I don't know how much I spent, but it is cheaper than Lamborghini." Earlier this month, there was news that, shortly after, these minis A 100cm doll may be difficult to distinguish from real humans.The doll manufacturer's managing director said: "Technology has come a long way since the nasty inflatable dolls of the 1970s. He explained: "They look incredible now, it feels like you are touching human skin. . More and more men are buying them because they think they can really communicate with GYNOID doll. ”Leading doctors have recently sounded warnings about sexual robots, suggesting that they may spread sexually transmitted infections and exacerbate them. In order to stop pedophiles, American legislators are desperately trying to ban sex robots that look like children. Some men like dolls to avoid heartache, so they are welcomed by disabled customers and waffles and model fetishes.The 62-year-old Nakajima said: "Humans are so harsh. He gently bathes his rubber girlfriend Saori, has posted her photos on the wall, and even skied and surfed." She never betrayed me. She eliminated my troubles. ”Although sex dolls are not just Japanese, the country’s sales are booming. According to experts, the popularity of love dolls and sex robots may be attributed to the decline in birth rates in Japan. One scientist even claimed that because Japan fell in love with silicon women, the Japanese have become "endangered species."The sex doll manager said: "At the moment, we are the official agent of flat chested love dolls, making Emma a robot, we are the official European agent robot. "The two companies are studying the movement of the arm, the latest release of the robotics company. The video shows the movement of the arm.Ozaki is one of the more and more Japanese men seeking rubber romance in this country that has lost its magic. He also admitted that he was rejected by interpersonal relationships. He said: "Japanese women are very indifferent." He squeezed silica gel while walking by the sea. It also offers customers a range of different faces and bodies. But he claims to have reduced TPE sex doll sex.http://zambia.musicportal.co/serry/blog/166/customers-choose-more-realistic-japanese-sex-dollshttps://www.urdolls.com/love-doll-c-58.html

  2. komomochan komomochan 2019-10-10 11:02

    鏡付き iphoneXsMAX/11proケース CHANEL と言えば、やはりこっちに来てください。 そういう自信を持って、今まで長い間に専心専念素敵な携帯カバーを取り扱っております。例えとしたら、人気上位の 2019シャネル iphone11pro/xs Maxケース ブランド レディース を挙げます。 お洒落な見た目はgood!高級感があるし、持ちやすくて安心感もある。思った普通のケースより薄目でスッキリしてます。手にした質感がいい、シャネルロゴ付きで満喫できます。 airpodsがだんだん流行ってき、その大事なものが紛失や障害することがないよう、ケースを付ける方がいいと思います。シュプリーム エアーポッズケース レディース 花柄新品入荷したこのAirPodsカバーは安値でお洒落、一枚であなたの悩みが解決できます。スッキリしているエルメス iphone11/xsmaxケース オシャレがビジネスメンズやレディースたちの選択です。軽量であり、耐衝撃力強い、使用感や見た目など、全部優れます。3色あり、恋人のお揃いものにぴったりです。 下記のラインで連絡お願いします!LINE ID:cohsome1