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  1. Eyes123456 Eyes123456 2017-05-06 09:23

    New Scroll Lasers Increase Data RateA new optical-based communication tool can transfer data as fast as a vortex. This optical advance, described in a study published in the journal Science, could be a core component of next-generation computers to meet the growing demand for information sharing in human society. It may also eliminate concerns about Moore's Law failure - Moore's Law says researchers will find new ways to continually make computers smaller, faster and cheaper.For decades, high power laser pointer researchers have been working to integrate more components into silicon-based computer chips than ever before. Their success explains why today's smartphones have a higher computing power than the world's most powerful computers in the 1980s, and that time the cost of supercomputers is converted into today's currency, it will reach millions of dollars Of the giant, and its size and large file cabinet almost.But the researchers are facing a bottleneck that the existing technology has been unable to meet the social needs of the data. Although the parties' forecasts are different, many people think it is likely to happen in the next five years. Researchers are solving this problem in a number of ways, including optical communication technology that uses light to transmit information. Examples of optical communication are very broad, from the old lighthouse to the modern use of television and Internet browsing fiber optic cable.The 1000mw laser pointer is the core of today's optical communication system. Researchers have manipulated lasers in a variety of ways, the most common way is to bring together different signals into a single line to carry more information. But these techniques, especially wavelength division multiplexing and time division multiplexing, have already reached their limits.The research team led by the University of Buffalo uses another light manipulation technique known as orbital angular momentum to drive advances in laser technology, which places the laser in a centrally eddy spiral pattern. Usually this kind of laser is still too big for the application on the current computer, but the team succeeded in reducing the turbulence to a degree comparable to the computer chip. As the laser beam propagates along a helical pattern, the information is encoded into a different vortex curve, so it can carry ten times more information than a conventional burning laser that travels in a straight line.Scroll lasers are just one of the many components required to create more powerful computers and data centers, and ultimately require advanced transmitters and receivers to continue.

  2. Eyes123456 Eyes123456 2016-08-11 15:19

    http://www.everyonetobuy.com/10000mw-green-laser-pointer-adjustable-burning-flashlight.htmlLaser radar, which is the "laser detection and measurement", in the operation process of emitting light pulses, based on the running time and the speed of light to determine the distance. Laser radar is a kind of distance and speed measurement of optical method, radar and very similar, the difference is using a laser pulse is used to replace the radio waves. With the rise of unmanned, the laser radar as a key component of natural concern.1.automotive suppliers and research and development of laser radar - automatic drivingRecently, the auto parts supply giant ZF (ZF) announced the acquisition is located in Hamburg, Germany lidar profiles Ibeo40% equity, used to obtain Ibeo company in laser radar (LIDAR) technology and environment perception algorithm in the field of professional and technical. And these two technologies are the important basic modules to realize the auto driving. LiDAR (Detection and Ranging Light), is the laser detection and ranging system. Using the laser as the light source, the active remote sensing device using the photoelectric detection technology. Laser radar is an advanced detection method combining laser technology with modern photoelectric detection technology. After all, laser radar is autopilot, the key technology of object recognition and prevention of accidents, ZF (ZF) the acquisition of imagination is a kind of strategic layout. ZF) and Ibeo cooperation will bring leap in technology in the future, an important step in achieving automotive applications: mutual cooperation in the development of a new generation of laser radar technology to reproduce the 3D images of the surrounding environment and save the laser radar system in the rotating mirror. By virtue of solid state technology, laser radar technology will become more compact, compact, more convenient for the installation of vehicles.2.Massachusetts Institute of Technology, developed a small single chip radar sensor - production costs of about $10Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and DARPA have created an on-chip 3000mw green laser radar sensor that is so small that it can display a number of laser radar sensors on the surface of the 10 cent coin. It is the use of laser and similar radar technology to detect distance. The laser can bring a higher resolution for the laser radar sensor, because the wavelength of the light is about 100 thousand times smaller than the wavelength of the radio. At present, the automatic driving vehicle and robot commonly used laser radar, including the laser, independent free space optical components, as well as a larger external receiver. The laser receiver module is mechanically rotated and swings up and down, and a complete field view is obtained. At present, the laser radar system costs from $1000 to $70 thousand.MIT and DARPA developed a new type of radar sensor made of 300mm wafers. This means that in terms of millions of annual production and single piece production cost of laser radar sensor is about $10, with no moving parts, speed sensor 1000 times faster than today's mechanical laser radar system, very suitable for only in a short period of time tracking small objects. This tiny sensor size is 0.5 mm x 6 mm, and has a steering transmit and receive phased array and on-chip germanium photodetector. This sensor did not integrate the laser function, but the researchers said that other teams have proven to be able to integrate the laser on the chip in the future.3.Ford and MIT research and development of automatic driving using 5000mw green laser radar to determine the line - to help the vehicle to carry out the line planningFord is working with MIT to launch a special research program, including machine learning and automated driving systems. The program uses a laser radar to track and analyze the movement of pedestrians in urban environments. Research aimed at the prevention of collisions, while also helping the vehicle to carry out the route planning.Sensing system can collect a large number of urban pedestrian flow data, and using algorithms to the data used in the calculation of the different research purposes, such as automatic deployment of transport distribution. These electric transport will be the first on the MIT campus of pilot launch, due to traffic on campus city is a practical model is smaller, the weather factors is also smaller, easier to carry out pilot experiments, wait until the maturity of the technology will be further applied to larger more realistic test scenario.Students can mobile application call electric tool of ride instead of walk, arrived at the destination can let application will them back to the campus of stops and through the algorithm and the demand for judgment, the electric transport will automatic deployment position, to achieve maximum efficiency. According to Ford description, these with the LiDAR system and the camera system is far higher than the accuracy of GPS positioning system. The team has been through with 2000mw green laser radar sensor test vehicle on campus human and traffic data collection, the research team will these data and weather conditions, student course table such external conditions are combined, can in the daytime automatic transporting students between different buildings in dealings. Electric test vehicles smaller size, can be flexible driving on the campus sidewalk, which provides a valuable real data for the automatic driving in high population density conditions.4.apple research and development of laser radar sensing technology used in Apple's car project?Apple Corp's latest patent "using 2D scanning laser beam pulse depth point cloud technology" can be a mystery of Apple's auto driving to pave the way, even if the technology can also be used for other purposes.The patented technology developed by Apple's new laser radar sensor, this technology needs to be used to a fixed mirror, scanning mirror, photo detector and laser transmitter. According to the attached file, apple chose to develop this technology because the current electronic equipment "excessive power consumption, X-Y limited resolution and depth limited resolution, image distortion, frame rate and product development cycle is too long." If the technology is put into production, it will be used for further development of Apple maps, because the accuracy of the map requires a lot of outdoor scanning, and this technology is also likely to be applied in the hypothetical apple car.5.Tesla finally have to use a laser radar? - once despised the laser radarTesla CEO Elon Musk has said publicly that he is not very keen on laser radar technology. A front camera is enough. Autopilot after the accident, a name for TeslaOwner Tesla enthusiasts blog on June 30, send the a model s top 500mw laser radar traveling on the road of the photos. The blogger also claimed that he had witnessed it entered the backyard parking garage Tesla headquarters. According to Tesla's statement, until May 18th, they were generally clear that the S Model car accident situation. The test is not likely to be arranged in a month and a half, it seems that Tesla has been tested in the test more clearly see the laser radar technology. From the point of view of the volume of the laser radar, the technical specifications of the laser radar used in the experiment should be similar to that of the Google unmanned vehicle.You see, major international manufacturers have engaged in the development of laser radar technology, I believe that in the near future, the laser radar will bring more convenience to our life.https://ello.co/eyes123456/post/cwr5i5nzlv3xgwb94mnmhghttp://www.wedspace.com/articles/entry/Two-Color-Laser-Product-is-Coming-Soon- 

  3. Eyes123456 Eyes123456 2016-08-04 13:52

    Laser ManufacturingLaser pointer manufacturing is the darling of the field of high-end manufacturing, it melts optical, mechanical and electrical, software, materials and other disciplines in one, the ability to create a complex structure and quality is much higher than the traditional manufacturing. Laser manufacturing spawned a number of new technologies, such as lithography, increasing material manufacturing, near field nano manufacture), a number of new products (such as large scale integrated circuit, such as MEMS and NEMS), a batch of products of high performance (such as aircraft engines, gas turbines, etc.) and the corresponding high technology industry group. In recent years, China's laser industry has developed rapidly, but the application rate of laser manufacturing is still lagging behind. Take automobile manufacturing as an example, according to the statistics of the current European and American developed industrial countries 50-70% automotive parts using laser technology, and in the country, the 20000mw laser pen utilization rate is less than 20%.The essential characteristic of the laser high spatial and temporal coherence, super brightness, short pulse width and determines the advantages of laser manufacturing technology. First, the laser processing is non-contact, the laser is a never passivated "knife"; second, the laser can be focused into a less than microns in size, very suitable for high precision micro machining; third, laser energy is highly concentrated, by controlling the burning cigarette with laser pulse at the material time and is easy to implement many materials and cold processing, maximize reduce processing of heat affected; finally, laser processing flexibility and wide adaptability, laser manufacturing can be used for processing of various special-shaped materials, and realize the welding among the same materials. These advantages make laser applications become more and more extensive, and become an indispensable tool for advanced manufacturing and precision micro machining.At present, the main kinds of laser technology are solids, semiconductor, gas and fiber laser, according to power can be divided into low, medium and high, withgreen laser pointer pulse duration (laser power maintain that persists in a certain value of the time) is, is divided into continuous and millisecond, nanosecond, picosecond and femtosecond laser. What kind of laser, to a large extent, depends on the performance of the processed materials and processing technology, and to consider the stability of equipment, economic benefits and other factors. In recent years, due to the strong growth of fiber laser, the solid laser and gas laser market share gradually declined, and the future will continue. The development of high brightness semiconductor laser is also very fast, and it has certain advantages in the application of welding and surface treatment. Picosecond and femtosecond lasers are mainly used for ultra precision machining of brittle materials and microelectronic industries.In the past 20 years, with the great progress of new lasers, and corresponding processing technology innovation, laser manufacturing technology has penetrated to the aerospace, microelectronic products many high technology fields and industries. At present, the main application fields of laser manufacturing technology are: 1 laser information marking, using laser product information directly carved on the surface of a variety of products, instead of the traditional ink screen printing, label. Because of the flexible, fast, environmental, economic and other advantages, 200mw green laser marking technology in electronic industry, medicine and food, smart phones, hardware and tools, etc. in all walks of life to the popularity of rate very high; 2. Laser cutting. This technology not only in automobiles, ships, hardware industry for cutting a few millimeters or even tens of millimeters thick metal materials and in the field of microelectronics, LED wafer and solar give full play to the precise, accurate, fast, "the unique advantages of;. Laser welding, compared to most of the traditional welding method, laser welding can make the high thermal conductivity, high melting point metal local rapid melting, welding of some special metal or alloy materials.Because there is no mechanical contact during the laser welding process, it is easy to ensure that the welding parts are not deformed. At present, the upscale automobile body, wing aircraft, spacecraft fuselage some special material welding has been widely used in 2000mw green laser welding technology; 4. Laser drilling, laser can easily achieve micron level of drilling, mainly used in high integrated degree, multilayer PCB manufacturing, brittle material material and super hard material processing; 5. Laser lithography. In recent years the progress of large scale integrated circuit is inseparable from the power of the laser technology. Overall, the current sales of industrial laser equipment is not very large, in 2015 the global sales of about $13 billion, of which the Chinese market accounted for nearly 1/4 of the share. However, laser equipment as advanced manufacturing tools irreplaceable, the create value is dozens of times.http://www.localtalentconnect.com/blogs/item/analysis-of-laser-heat-treatment-technologyhttp://uniquethis.com/blogs/7326/31911/analysis-of-laser-heat-treatment-technologyhttp://www.devote.se/kobe/analysis-of-laser-heat-treatment-technology-30522155

  4. Eyes123456 Eyes123456 2016-08-04 13:52

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  6. Eyes123456 Eyes123456 2016-08-01 13:04

    Laser Lighting Will Replace LED
    From the desire of the stars in the night sky to the stars to the earth, the history of the fight against the dark, is the history of human beings on the light from the control of the development. From the torch to candles, from the gas lamps to tungsten filament lamps, mankind's understanding of process materials also changed the morphology of the lamp, circa 2009, volume to be smaller and more bright more, LED lights began in developed countries into the main lighting popularity. LED light source is no longer just to play the role of lighting, it's changeable and flexible design features, making it more fit people's work life bit by bit.Laser pointer technology, which is the most influential technology to human beings since twentieth Century. From lighting to cutting to measurement, the application of laser technology in the flexible application in different occasions, and in the modern lighting industry, laser technology plays an important role in promoting the lighting industry's product innovation.Laser illumination of visible light, infrared laser illumination. Visible burning laser pointers lighting, according to the principle of divided into the following two: 1. Blue light excited phosphor for white light illumination; 2. Red, green and blue laser synthesis of white laser, or color of light. Infrared laser lighting, more should be used for night vision, night camera monitoring lighting.With excess capacity, increasing competition, the development of many LED enterprises encounter bottlenecks. June 25, as the benchmark figure of LED lighting, 2014 Nobel Prize in physics for Nakamura attended the 2016 China - Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship fair, when accepting media to interview, his remarks may China led light future. Nakamura Shuji boldly predicted that the next ten years, green laser pointer lighting will replace the LED lighting.The efficiency of laser illumination is thousands of times of LED. It can not only increase the distance of projection, improve the safety, but also the volume is smaller and the structure is more compact. In addition to the field of lighting and laser display in a plurality of projector, digital cinema, television, stage lighting, large screen splicing, automotive and other areas, will have a more broad application. Nakamura Shuji think, "a laser lamp, lighting 100 square meters area is no problem." But because the 5000mw green laser is now the price is too high, so the application rate is not high, but the future is a big trend.
    In talking about led enterprises in China in recent years to forced restructuring or even collapse tide, Shuji Nakamura think, many Chinese led enterprise problem of homogenization serious, in competition in the lack of advantage, "as China's iron and steel enterprises, overcapacity will lead to lower prices, in the self from the competition in the market, the natural formation of elimination mechanism."LD laser and LED light from the source view is not much difference, is more of a YAG laser by 3000mw laser pointer radiation LED in semiconductor excitation light is increased after a fluorescence conversion, the main difference lies in the monochromatic laser vision is very good, LED will have wide spectrum, suitable screen, lighting, brightness is not compared, because the laser direction is very strong, is a light, if not processed brightness is much bigger than LED, laser RGB visual effect is not mature, only stay in the laboratory, laser projection, laser TV, just a concept, laser damage the main power on the eyes, a little direct eye laser would instantly penetrate the retina, causing blindness, the other is not what harm.http://www.everyonetobuy.com/200mw-green-laser-pointer-with-lock-switch.htmlhttp://www.everyonetobuy.com/high-powered-20000mw-blue-laser-pointer-pen.html