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groene laserpen 3000

groene laserpen 3000


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  1. donghu donghu 2015-03-26 06:38

    Als gericht ophttp://www.laserskopen.com/blauwe-laser-pointer/c-12.html de ogen van een persoon , kan laser10000mw laserpen groenetijdelijke verstoring van het gezichtsvermogen . Er is enig bewijs van zeldzame kleine blijvende schade blauwe-laser-pointer/c-12.html

  2. donghu donghu 2015-03-24 11:37

    The newest smart accessory to surface for smartphones is the iPin, a tiny dongle of sorts that plugs into your smartphone and functions as a laser pointer, allowing you to point at things from across the room or drive your pets Transform your phone into a smartgroene laserpen krachtige 1000mwand transfer level with the innovative mobile app and Laser Pointer device. Uses smartphone's sensors to function as a laser ...

    laserpen groene which is a high po

    wer laser classification, the laser pointer and high power green laser can burn papers, burn balloons. Green laser,red laser,ir laser and laser sights are our flagship products.laserpen blauwe

  3. donghu donghu 2015-03-24 11:34


  4. donghu donghu 2015-03-24 11:34

    Stylus, pen, and laser pointer in one: this stylus is equally at home on touchscreen or projection screen, with a3000mw laser pointer . And remember paper?   So does your new stylus, with its built-in refillable ballpoint pen.  laserpen groene 2000mw are classics with unrivalled class, sophistication and sheer power. No other laser combines a stunning and compact sized case with a brilliant green beam that goes for m