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dental talk

dental talk

Here we will share a lot of important dental problems and dental care we need pay attention to! Welcome to share with us! Check more here “www.dentalsalemall.com”.

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  2. keisey123 keisey123 2019-08-29 04:02

    What is dental binocular loupes?

    Loupes are basically telescopes combined with a pair of glasses. The magnifying telescopes (or oculars) are either placed through the lens (TTL) in the frame or in front of the lens (Flip-up) mounted on the front of the frame.

    Loupes are custom made for each user's unique face. By precisely placing the oculars in the frame, dental professionals can work in a more comfortable and effective posture while wearing dental binocular loupes.

    Using Loupes for the first time can be... a little weird. It takes your brain some time to adjust to seeing everything magnified. Use the cross to train your eyes to focus at your clinical working distance.

    Magnification Options

    2.5x Micro - Lower magnification and light weight make these the best choice for new Loupes users, especially students.

    3.0x - Intermediate magnification, great for hygienists or students with limited Loupes experience.

    3.5x Micro - Great for Dentists looking for lighter weight with higher magnification. Narrower FOV than our lower magnification or Prism options.

    3.5x Prism - higher magnification with wide FOV.

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