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Dental Instrument

Dental Instrument

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  1. weiltaki43 weiltaki43 2016-04-22 10:58

    LY® Dental Curing Light Wireless LED 1500mw Lamp


    1. Streamline Design for Dental Curing Light 1500mw X1
    2. Detachable handle with 2200mAh battery
    3. Light unit easy to operate
    4. Three modes control with LCD display
    5. Better charging with Human design To avoid the unintended Break
    6. Two kinds colors to choose
    7. Sound Alert Feature


    Spectrum Range: 420-480nm
    Power Unit: 24 x 200m
    Weight: 220g
    Battery: Lithiun ion Battery
    Battery Capability: 2200mAh
    Voltage: Worldwide used 100v-240v

    Package With
    LED curing light handle x 1
    Curing light glass guide x 1
    Light protect blatt x 1
    Power charging x 1
    English manual x1