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Coding For Grownups

Coding For Grownups

This is a pier support group for people involved in the coding for grown ups program in suffolk run by Suffolk Digital.

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  1. stevewillbe stevewillbe 2012-01-13 13:11

    Well we're learning JavaScript forst of all and thats what you need for playing with forms and data in a web browser.

  2. milesdowsett milesdowsett 2012-01-13 12:59

    I'm interested in forms and manipulating data in particular...not sure it's out of scope of this forum though *blush*

  3. stevewillbe stevewillbe 2012-01-13 12:42

    Any questions, thoughts, progress updates please put in here so we are supporting each other and learning to code as a team

  4. stevewillbe stevewillbe 2012-01-13 12:41

    Welcome to the coding for grown ups group