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Established in 2009, oyodental.com has grown from a small, local business to a comprehensive solution for over 30,000 dentists throughout the World, We offer a full-line of dental equipment, parts, dental supplies, and accessories.

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tiangouie7 2016-07-13, 10:46

How should I use a dental scaler at home?Any dentist can give me a choice?

A:What type of scaler is that??

Dental ultrasonic scaler is for clinic use or professional use.it is  difficult for self use
If u have someone to help may be u can but the speed is important and where u position the tip is of great importance,  if it is placed in wrong site  then it will chip off ur teeth and make u look ugly
But if u want to just remove stains from ur teeth get a polisher

My suggestion is get it done with a dentist as many patients screw up things when done by self and some are irreversible
Or atleast take an opinion from ur dentist

A2:Scalers are safe when used properly, however, the general public is untrained and unaware of safe use. If they are turned they can very easily fracture teeth and can remove gum tissue in clumsy hands.

I would give my patients who wanted them lessons on their use, but they would still damage their teeth and gums.

If you really want one, go to your local dental school library or use the web and find instructions and then purchase high end dental scalers like Hu Friedy or even the lesser Patterson brand and look in a mirror (another issue for lay people, mirrors really take training to use properly).

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By tiangouie7 in yodentalus on 2016-07-13 10:46:33.