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nuokesasi 2015-08-18, 04:11

Every season, girls around the corner with the desire to buy a new shock waves chop hands on defense, it seems unable to resist in vain to hear the squeak moan and the next second would collapse preview. Solid colors and prints again when war broke out, my heart seemed to hear the long-awaited whisper: I have heard, fall and dress more with oh.

1. It is quiet deep blue when the sun shines into the shallow waters sneak a little glow lit the sea habitat; it is Ruanmian fat clouds drift slowly in the warm sunny skies lazy to do sunbathing. This is the color just right, within the hierarchy varied openwork Floral Dresses and take the Waipi because of cotton, with the harmonious relationship.

2. Compared lively little girl, fall like a sister paper were precipitated a frenzied finish hearing from cicadas and summer, leaving the genteel atmosphere of the lady. Glossy full of solid colors and printed fabrics by the large field full swing splice outlet dress, sleeveless? Add pieces small jacket on the line.

3.early would make a return to earth girl from Xian Qi fluttering Chiffon Dresses in? Too early to be ready with a long sleeve and no eggs, you know the beauty of the heart of the exclusive summer chiffon with unspeakable nostalgia and love. There are many choices of color printing, a small V-neck lotus sleeve beyond tender and a bit more elegant sweet little girls.

4. not barely to be such a low-key season before choosing burgundy color, it's worth restrained fine chemicals, it's time to compete with hidden worth. Printing is not selected to provide much of the background elements suction eye, sometimes a few simple double pendulum swing already evoked the inner temptation.

5.The fall did not imagine it so serious, it even has the occasional witty daring dress is a surprise face. Much of the tropical fish print skirt who swim, lantern silhouette and neckline multilateral shape echoing flat bow hit transition accompanied by color, special and beautiful.

6.With rustic and tough natural fire to everything not to die, the United States, while also allowing the body also felt good skin-friendly Ruannuo. Fan art is not always common flax, a slight sense of crude bamboo cotton has its own personality, only one-third Lichtung brilliant atmosphere sufficient delighted.

7.Whenever Vintage Dresses can make hovering between love and not love's heart firmly backward the "Buy!", Most of the stripes are a lot of elements of basic models of aggregation required, so wear hardly pick stature. V-neck and drawstring waist plus a little short sleeves, even if not the color will never be boring.

8.For fall short of the city, as soon as possible within the thick late autumn on store take dress would be a smart move. Do this on a rainy day, probably also call the wisdom of life. There is always a new look of lace, fine crochet party meet appearance, while the inner thickened is cold sister of the Gospel.



By nuokesasi in voguestorm on 2015-08-18 04:11:11.