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nuokesasi 2015-08-04, 04:15

Woman to 30 years old, there is no two-year-old young beautiful, of course, nor the age of twenty clothes arbitrary capital, therefore, the primary consideration when buying clothes is how to improve efficiency, so to save money, save time, effort. There should be summed up in the following points: pretty, accurate and relentless Dress law.

Jane: that 30-year-old woman in the wardrobe must prepare some basic models clothing with a light and easy, because the three-year-old woman's face is marked with traces of the years, fancy dress and sun protection dresses that can only be set off vicissitudes of the years, and some simple, generous, beautiful color and shallow casual clothing, then make you look much younger than the actual, not the pan have a fashion sense. In addition, white, blue, black is the safest color masses, therefore, prepare a few pieces of the wardrobe is also essential. This way, you have some of the most easy to match clothing, when shopping, will save a lot of trouble for the new clothes and then with the. 

Associate: Shopping to improve efficiency. Find the key to choose the most suitable for their own brand of clothing, we must first learn to lock their own clothing brand, which requires more in your favorite brand of clothing carefully selected in peacetime, you can also seek professional advice on this, try and see more , and comparing, ask for more, though, it seems to temporarily spend more time, but at a later time in, but you can have a multiplier effect. They have their own favorite brand, to when shopping, in a limited time, to quickly find your favorite clothes, so not only can save energy, but also to ensure a clear mind when making rational judgments and choices, avoid buying back to the pile of clothes suited regret, shelved. Shopping in stores can also enjoy membership benefits, with less price you can buy their favorite sexy short skirts, with the new owner will inform you the first time.

Ruthless: in the selection of chiffon dresses, choice of clothing fabric is very important. Three-year-old woman is already not face set off clothes, and clothes need to express themselves only a trace of youth, therefore, recommended that multiple-choice summer mulberry silk, cotton and linen clothing, winter choose cotton, pure wool, cashmere fabrics, clothes made of fabric, mostly well-crafted, extremely can show people the inherent elegance, and can wear for a long time and not obsolete. Although expensive, but because of the time but, when wearing a new, carefully calculated, or value for money. The method is good, but the most important is to have a desire to stay young, a beauty of the heart, so you can put himself was both beautiful and colorful.



By nuokesasi in voguestorm on 2015-08-04 04:15:19.