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nuokesasi 2015-07-29, 04:58

You may not think of your bronze sequined skirt as a casual piece, but you can dress it down with the right top, and wear it during the day. ​​Pair the skirt with a simple, white, V-neck Female short T-shirt or a black , cotton tank top when you're headed to brunch or lunch with friends. Add small, rose-gold stud earrings, a few rose-gold bangle bracelets and brown ballet flats to finish the look. If the weather's cool, throw a denim jacket on over the tee. Or, you can swap the tee for a denim or chambray button-down top. Knot the blouse around the waist to play up the casual look and wear the sequined skirt over brown tights. Brown ankle booties or knee-high flat boots go well with the low-key, dressed-down look.

If you work in a creative environment with a flexible dress code, you may even be able to style your sequined skirt for the office. Go for a polished look by wearing the skirt with a crisp, white button-down blouse. Tuck the top into the skirt and add a pair of bronze or chocolate-brown pointy-toe pumps. If you want an even more toned-down look, throw a brown blazer over your Female tops. For a softer look, wear your bronze sequined skirt with a pale pink cardigan or crew neck sweater. Go for understated jewelry to keep your work look elegant – a pearl necklace or pearl studs are all you need.

A sequined skirt is an ideal piece to wear if you're headed out for the evening to a cocktail party or romantic dinner. Pair it with a loose-fitting chiffon blouse in a soft shade like blush or peach. Throw on a pair of strappy bronze stilettos and carry a studded, brown, leather clutch for a fresh, modern take on cocktail wear. Or wear your sequined skirt with a navy velvet blazer and matching navy peep-toe pumps. Accent the skirt with a pair of ro​​se-gold hoop earrings and a simple rose-gold pendant to keep the look understated.

If you're aiming for a bold, sultry evening look, you can count on your bronze sequined skirt to turn heads. Try wearing it with a sexy, dark purple, satin corset top and slip on bronze stilettos. Finish off the look with a pair of chandelier earrings that feature bronze and purple crystals, rhinestones or beads. Or go for a bold contrast by pairing the skirt with a lacy, white camisole top. Brown peep-toe booties or platform heels in a bold animal print work well with this look, and add a multi-strand pearl necklace or pearl drop earrings to tie the outfit together.



By nuokesasi in voguestorm on 2015-07-29 04:58:24.