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nuokesasi 2015-07-20, 11:42

<p><a href="http://www.voguestorm.com/summer-new-sexy-winding-criss-cross-hollow-slit-was-thin-vest-dresses.html"><img src="http://media.voguestorm.com/catalog/product/cache/1/thumbnail/500x/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/2/0/20150429_170846_016.jpg" alt="Summer New Sexy Winding Criss Cross Hollow Slit Was Thin Vest Dresses" title="Summer New Sexy Winding Criss Cross Hollow Slit Was Thin Vest Dresses" width="269" height="269"/></a></p>
<p>1. Now that you have some colors, pick out 3-5 <a href="http://www.voguestorm.com/tops/">Female shirt</a>. One should be a basic button-down, one should be a short sleeved shirt, and one should be a tank top, camisole, or other sleeveless shirt . The button-down should be a solid color, preferably from the neutrals that you chose. The short-sleeve shirt or sleeveless shirt can have a print but it will be easier to mix and match if you do not introduce prints. Only one of the two should have a print; one of these needs to be solid colored.</p>
<p>2.With your tops picked out, you will want to move on to choosing some bottoms. One should be a nice pair of dressy pants, the other should be <a href="http://www.voguestorm.com/new-blue-and-white-porcelain-stitching-patch-ripped-denim-pant.html">Female denim pant</a> . The third should be something that can be nice or casual, depending on what is worn with it. For women, this will probably mean a knee-length skirt. For men, consider some khakis or similar pants. All bottoms should be free of prints, unless there were no prints used on any tops (in which case a woman may want to have a skirt with a print).</p>
<p>3. A few more pieces will be necessary to complete a fully mixable wardrobe. Women will want to find a knee-length dress with short or three quarter sleeves. This dress should not be a neutral color (preferably should be the main color palette color) and should be able to be both casual or dressy, depending on chosen accessories. You will also want to get 2 <a href="http://www.voguestorm.com/organza-printed-long-sleeved-sun-protection-clothing-jacket.html">Women Jacket</a>: a button down sweater (simple or elaborate, it's up to you) and a blazer or similar formal jacket . The blazer should be in a neutral color, preferably darker than the button down shirt you chose. The sweater can be neutral but should preferably be in a color (different from the dress color).</p>
<p>4.You will want 2-3 pairs of shoes in your chosen neutral colors. One should be formal, one should be casual, and you can have a third pair which can be casual or formal depending on context (like a pair of boots). Buy a scarf which can similarly be used in either a formal or casual context . Women can get jewelry to emphasize a formal vs. casual outfit as well by having one set which looks elegant and another which looks fun.</p>
<p>5. With these basic pieces in your wardrobe you can create a number of different outfits for different occasions. Pair the formal pants with the button-down shirt and <a href="http://www.voguestorm.com/2014-vintage-white-large-lapel-suit-model-single-button-wool-coat.html">women Blazer</a> for a great look for work. Make it semi-casual by wearing the sweater and sleeveless shirt with the formal pants, shoes, and accessories.</p>
<p>6.Pair the tee with the jeans or the sweater and sleeveless shirt with <a href="http://www.voguestorm.com/bottoms/skirts/">Skirts</a>. Make it a little more formal by introducing the blazer to the tee and jeans combo. This is a great outfit for a date or lunch with a friend!</p>
<p>7.There are so many combinations possible with this type of wardrobe that you will have to experiment to find which you like best and which are best for different occasions. This can take time and a little trial and error but you will like the results.</p>
<p><a href="http://www.voguestorm.com/">http://www.voguestorm.com/</a></p>

By nuokesasi in voguestorm on 2015-07-20 11:42:24.