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Here you can discuss all the things about sex dolls and share them with everyone.

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urdolls 2019-02-07, 13:47

Sex dolls different from before

There was a fanatic of sex dolls, and he also sold sex dolls himself. The most popular was the TPE doll. However, he thought his business was more like a party show or venue, even though he also said that he was People who are struggling with intimate relationships provide services. “I am helping their psychological needs,” he said. "Some men are single for a long time, and there are not many opportunities for women.

The business will be open at the address announced on September 8th during the booking process. Currently, customers can choose from six female dolls, each with a comprehensive outline. These dolls "age" at 21 to 24 years of age, including race, hair and eye color, curves and body details. Each profile also indicates that their breasts are "natural." These profiles are of course intended to give a feeling similar to people, such as inclinations and embarrassment.

A new adult entertainment store in Hong Kong is blurring the boundaries between brothels, "try before buying a retailer." The store charges customers an hourly fee and uses a playful doll as a means of encouraging them to buy. Although silicone-based dolls and brothels with increasingly new robot models are not new in Asia, when operators brought their business to the Western Hemisphere, they sparked strong protests from Europe and the United States.

“In fact, all couples have mismatched libido, so this seems to be an obvious solution, but it does depend on how the partner chooses to use or interact or observe the robot,” she said. “It really depends on how you think about sexual behavior in the context of marriage.”

In Europe, the first such brothel was opened in Barcelona last February. A month after the landlord canceled the company's lease, it was forced to move to a place that only the customer knew. This is the 21st century Hong Kong's sex and shopping, the boundaries between brothels, and your attempts before buying retail, has been very vague.

The Houston City Council amended these rules after a unanimous vote to ban the company from renting "anthropomorphic devices" to customers on the site. Residents are free to purchase equipment that is used in their home. “The situation in the past month is better,” he said. “There was no business in the first month because I didn’t have a promotion... because I couldn’t find the channel for [this adult service].”

Do you want to have a sex doll? A small and cute 100cm doll may be a good choice. Hong Kong's sex work law means that prostitution is not illegal, but collection is illegal, just like the operation of two or more brothels, relying on The income of prostitution, or the control of women for prostitution. In the United States, a Canadian doll company tried to open its first store in Houston, Texas, and eventually banned its expansion plans early last month.

Toronto will soon be the first famous sex doll brothel in North America, offering six silicone doll sex services. According to the website behind the company's website, its vision is "to bring new approaches to fulfilling demand without the many limitations and limitations of a true partner."

What makes people feel more real is the silicone doll. "I am still studying what is legal and what is not legal," he said. He pointed to retail stores that were introduced outside North York in the 1990s outside the industrial zone. Freon said his office is still confirming that the agreement was positive after coordination, which condensed the charter of six administrative districts after the merger in 1998.

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By urdolls in urdolls on 2019-02-07 13:47:19.