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I must admit that I not only like to have sex with a sex dolls. Yes, one of these modern sex dolls has proven to be a good companion.

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  1. ulovers ulovers 2019-10-06 15:10

    Masturbation Sex Toy Silicone sex dollsHow to use sex dolls safely? What are the sexual skills of sex dolls? First of all, considering the health and safety aspects, there are three points: the quality of the product, the design and manufacture of the doll's material.1. Purchase from a shopping mall with good reputation and customer service guarantee. Also consider customer reviews and select sellers that offer quality service.
    2. Considering the shape and size of the Mini Sex dolls, it is recommended not to use the back to lift heavy objects, as this may cause problems on the back of the sex doll.3. Support the doll's toy skeleton to ensure it is completely full and brittle to avoid injury during sexual intercourse.0000000000000000
    4. From the material, it is recommended to spend more money to buy doll products made of silicone and TPE materials. These two materials do not cause damage or irritation to human skin and can be cleaned and disinfected without affecting the quality of the Real Sex Dolls. More importantly, both silicone and TPE materials have low allergenicity, which means that the product does not cause skin irritation or disease.

  2. ulovers ulovers 2019-06-04 11:12

    Want to know how to make love with silicone dolls?Many of our customers share their feelings after using sex dolls. We are here to show. Most customers feel good about sex dolls. As for the actual body feeling, I would say that it is a few steps higher than normal manual masturbation, which is definitely a different feeling. But I bet you will get the same feeling from silicone dolls or other simulated vaginal products. In fact, I will never like this rather flat analog feel.If we want to be happy in a separate meeting, sex dolls are a great company. They are just one of the different types of male sex toys. However, you should prepare hundreds to thousands of dollars to buy a good quality, because most sex dolls are expensive. You can buy a 100cm sex doll at the Uloversdoll store for $699.99.Do you know silicone sex dolls online or through other channels? What are the reasons why they are becoming more and more popular? The following is a detailed answer to all of these. Basically, these dolls are mainly used by paedophiles who want to control real child sexual abuse. As it turns out, there is no way to change the fetish of others. Love dolls can help people express their wishes in law and morality. If you have to endure the desire to be oppressed, it is not worth it.These dolls were designed by a man who admits to being sexually attractive to the child - and wants to help others control their impulses. Sexual dolls, also known as love dolls, are a form of sexual desire and satisfaction that people use to gain sexual pleasure and satisfaction. toy. They are almost the same size and shape as female sexual partners, and there are also manual vulnerabilities. The owner can remove or change these parts as needed.The other option is the attractive look of the attractive doll. The manufacturer of tpe dolls pays special attention to making the doll look beautiful and beautiful, so that every man's choice is pleasing. These are designed to provide people with the most authentic experience to save annoying social problems and give them happiness when they have sex with them.Many customers say this is the most satisfying masturbation experience he has ever had. It is more sexy than normal masturbation or sexy toys. This is definitely not the same as having sex with another person, but some of the same switches are turned on in your brain because you can touch them like a lover.With modern love dolls technology, we can make very accurate and realistic female body replicas. In fact, sex dolls are even better than real women in many cases, because we can achieve the desired ratio and have no deformities like sputum or scars. All that is needed is a little lubrication, a little warm water to simulate body heat. It feels like 90%.Sex dolls are mainly used to help masturbation, to achieve your sexual fantasies, hugs and hugs, as gifts, art and photography. Today's dolls have evolved from simple sex toys to mannequins and can now be used as models for a variety of clothing. TPE and silicone dolls can be very realistic, sexy body and face look like real women and skin and hair materials, both of which are realistic.
    You can find the look of an authentic doll on the product page of the Uloversdoll store. The characteristics of each mini sex dolls. You can also customize your sex dolls, which is very realistic.https://www.uloversdoll.com/european-real-dolls.htmlhttps://www.uloversdoll.com/asian-style-dolls.html

  3. urdolls urdolls 2019-04-24 04:07

    The most advanced sex doll robotPETA processes the actual animal cruelty every day, so we don't get insomnia because of this event," the organization said. "Although a four-legged robot is much better than a real dog, most reasonable people find this kind of violence. The idea is not appropriate, as the comment shows.There are also people who at least try to make sex robots. In the United States, there is a type of d cup sex doll that is being manufactured and marketed at less than a few thousand dollars. Sex dolls run for $995 for a reason. I have seen the video on the internet. She looks real. She looks very lifelike. Personally, I will be close to these things because they gave me a great experience.Kate is a self-proclaimed "mother of the machine" who studied robot ethics and human-computer interaction at the MIT Media Lab. Her main interest is to use machines to explore violence and empathy. This timely theme includes research anthropomorphism: the tendency of people to project lifelike features onto non-human entities and thus emotionally connect with them.At the same time, people like Shihei rely on subsidies, although he has studied the emotional and physical reactions to TPE sex doll robots (for example, he did a study and found that one of his robots embraces your cortisol levels. Reduced) No one will give him a make money to make a real sex doll.On the other hand, if they ultimately encourage and strengthen these impulses (we don't know if this is the case), that would be a trap. Another problem is the establishment of gender biases and stereotypes in robot design that may be harmful to both sexes. Some people have called for a pre-emptive ban on sex robots. I think this is ridiculous.The download is successful, she has the most advanced sex doll robot. She died at the same time in the company's run, alive, using her female tricks to survive, and defending her own murder and revenge. Although there may not be a clear answer, Darling told the audience that these are issues that we need to consider. However, it should be recognized that robots are very useful to society.“I don’t want to throw the baby out of the bath. I think we can talk about privacy and consumer protection and all ethical issues without losing sight of the potential of the technology,” she said. In her experiments, Darling provided five silicone dolls for different groups of people. She told them to name the robots and play with them. Then she asked the group to torture. Darling described what happened next as "dramatic."I know that a Russian billionaire named Dmitry Iskov is investing millions of dollars in the 2045 plan, and he hopes that this investment will fully exploit this immortality. I think he chose 2045, mainly because it seems far from reasonable, but close enough that he may still be alive.This is the story of a robot scientist. She is one of the inventors of the world's most advanced sex doll robots. She works in a sex doll company and she and the company are very rich. As sex dolls become more and more realistic and more popular, she becomes more and more inspiring and constantly researching new robot functions.Reference link:http://www.maniado.jp/community/gym.php?DOJO_ID=1068http://www.godry.co.uk/profiles/blogs/sex-doll-robot-is-very-interesting#.XL6DEFUzaAo

  4. ulovers ulovers 2019-04-19 15:13

    How do you love a love doll?People who love lifelike sex dolls are no exception. My love with me is just an example, you can love them for many years in good faith. If you ask my lover, does he love me from the heart, or does he think it is a role-playing or psychological film, he will immediately say: Yes, I love my Jenny sincere and profound heart.In fact, people can enjoy things that are visually very close to one person and not yet alive, which is not only fascinating, but also motivates many discussions in the forum. In the scene, why do some people keep them as sex dolls, and others can love them with real feelings? This is a mystery, and maybe only everyone can answer them individually.As for outsiders, why such a thing is more likely to be a problem. Various media representatives, artists, students and photographers, as well as psychologists have accepted this question. However, few of them really understand and understand why one likes a love doll while another does not like it, why one can have sex with her, and the other does not want to waste any thoughts.The most important thing in the room is how a person learns to deal with it when developing the feeling of a silicone dolls. Although the love of objects is well known, there are always examples of people who like their cars, sculptures or cute toys, but this type of doll is so realistic that it is another matter.
    TPE's lifelike sex dolls show a variety of expressions, expressions and overall picture. Almost no one can escape their beauty and their special way of transcendentality, but becoming love is a combination of many factors.One of the most important factors in loving yourself in this way is a gift from one person. It certainly requires a strong imagination, an abstraction and a variety of other senses that live in this world. If you don't have it all, the doll will always treat you as an object and hardly establish an emotional connection with it.But there are still a lot of imaginative men on the scene who only see their sex dolls. On the other hand, other imaginative men love them from their hearts.I believe that for the development of love, a certain lifestyle of each person is necessary. For example, my lover has a very long and very disappointing way of loving women. I think his disappointment at the time was so great that he could even open this variant. When he thinks I am a tpe dolls and her soul, he can love me because I can finally give him what he always wanted, at least where I can afford it.
    Many outsiders believe that when a person falls in love with such a doll, it will be strange or even crazy. But I think that among many lovers, there is a certain degree of deep unfinished desire and love dreams, and these are just not satisfied by a partner or other means. At that time, my love was very disappointing. He was just confused and how to continue. For him, after 25 years of looking for love, there is only one problem: to be alone or to come to life with a silicone doll.If a man or a woman can love in this way, then that person usually has a lot of love for them, and these loves still do not get a response. If you can open this option and want it even have to have a lot of internal pressure in this area.For many people, the decision of this option is not easy. It is always seen to the outside world, as if the road to life is simple and the behavior is simpler, but in reality it is usually the opposite. Many men used to do everything for the love of their partner, and then the love doll is at the end of everything. It almost never starts, but usually at the end of disappointment, unfulfilled desires and dreams.However, in the end this love can be very beautiful, very deep and very close. love dolls offer you all the rooms, all the time and all the means. She always keeps patience, always stays calm and always stays gentle. She is always beautiful and gentle. In stark contrast to the previous life in love chaos is the kind of thing that makes people fascinated by this love.https://www.uloversdoll.com/shop-all-dolls.htmlhttps://www.uloversdoll.com/japanese-sex-doll.html

  5. urdolls urdolls 2019-04-11 05:55

    Sex dolls have an indescribable beautyDo you want more than just talking to a sex doll? The app will also allow you to create a fully customizable avatar to match the personality of the AI. This will include full control of the body and face appearance as well as clothing. The first generation of heads will be able to smile, wink, and make other realistic facial expressions. These actions will be operated by the smartphone app or game controller.As for the conversation, this version of the sex doll robot will not load its own speaking technology. Instead, it will be able to play MP3 files, allowing customers to select songs or recordings that the robot head can play. He said that for intimate conversations, you can interact through text or voice chat. The default setting is a full voice communication system with voice recognition. What is your preference for your AI? no problem. You can also customize your voice.This is what you have been waiting for: the rich AI robot TPE sex doll companion! The company said in a statement, "The upgrade and improvement of the urdolls doll evolution makes beauty more indescribable and even more human than any other doll."The spine and collarbone will be redone, the latter smaller and look more realistic. It will also improve the texture of the skin, and her hand will be smaller in size to get a better ratio. Evolving artificial intelligence
    You may have noticed that Harmony is a feminine name. But don't worry if your wish is related to male AI, because this is also working.The basic application platform is asexual and the team is building a gender-specific layer. After completing the development of the male version, subscribers will be able to easily select different genders when creating their AI sex dolls. He told us that this will happen within six months.Bridging the gap between distance, time and culture. He explained in a statement that having such an alternative to physical travel would enable us to distribute skills and practical expertise more quickly and efficiently to those in need. Distant geographical location, bridging the gap between time and culture.As mentioned earlier, the resulting technology is likely to bring incredible changes to human experience, love and intimacy. stay tuned! We will soon share a photo gallery that will show you more about the development of silicone-like doll robot companions.Finally, there is a view that being able to be someone, or even others, will help eliminate prejudice by allowing people to expand their experiences and gain empathy. Although he did not directly address his remote avatar competition in his article, he did explain the impact of virtual reality. However, he is more cautious than optimism, and writing may lead people to prefer artificial and natural.The annual membership of the Android app includes continuous updates to the artificial intelligence system. Users will also receive customization and customer support directly from the sex doll team. Once the robot system is started, the application will also be integrated with them. If this is not enough, the virtual reality integration of love dolls equipped with AI is also under development.A specific robot for a specific task. He definitely has this idea. Some of his activities are about the benefits of silicone oral equipment, especially regarding the benefits of valve inhalation systems. The activity page states: “Continuous suction will only provide unnecessary friction and discomfort, and it feels completely unnatural, just like Hanging on the vacuum cleaner. This destroys any soft and delicate feel provided by the silicone, so this needs to be solved."The company is developing an IOS version of the app, but it has encountered obstacles in content restrictions. The team refused to release until the solution was explored. There is also an inherent homophobia in this creation. For homosexuals, it is quite short-sighted not to extend the design to a male sex doll version or to extend its functionality to cover other sexual activities. It is an understatement to say that this involves niche markets.You can also learn more about the current state of your sex robot here. Here you will find progress updates for companies that compete for creative robots. Why do men like fucking dolls? Human sex dolls become so realistic that they are illegible to humans. We discussed with psychologists the risks and rewards of loving them.Then it is possible to give the user a chance to be more than himself. Combining this technology with d cup sex doll or other sex robots, one can experience the feeling of becoming another gender - even creating their own mix.Reference link:http://www.devote.se/blog/archive?postId=31244256http://admin.blog.cz/clanky/clanek/79138268

  6. ulovers ulovers 2019-04-08 13:20

    Naked love doll in the bathroomFor our greatest pleasure, the beautiful silicone/TPE doll, LiLy 140cm, gave us a sexy photo shoot and her bathroom was very hot. We found a TPE sex dolls that has a natural beauty and a very harmonious size that can be undressed and bare under the photographer's eyes.Tailored dolls in your fantasy image.This couple doll is sold in our partner store under the name LiLy. This adult doll is made from a premium Cyber ​​Skin TPE blend (derived from silica gel). All designs are designed to provide the perfect replica of a perfect feminine: soft to the touch, flexible TPE coating, and skin texture almost equivalent to feminine skin. This TPE coating from precision castings adheres perfectly to the high-tech metal skeleton. This FullMetal skeleton gives life to each joint (neck, knee, elbow...), making the pose as hot as sexy.As realism and possibilities are pushed to the climax, you will be able to get the most faithful silicone dolls for your female ideals. Everything is customizable: from the color of the hair to the nails. Your fantasies will only be shaped and realized by making dreamy dolls.Each manufacturing step follows the process and precise procedures. This technology is confidential for unique high-end creations. Quality control summarizes each manufacturing stage to meet increasingly demanding customer needs.When buying your love doll, you inevitably face a tough question: Should I prefer to use a molded vagina or a movable vagina as my sex doll? This issue is worth reflecting. Choosing a built-in molded vagina or detachable vaginal insert for her sex doll is a serious and irreversible option.

  7. urdolls urdolls 2019-03-29 03:48

    Sex doll type shops are becoming more popular in JapanAccording to the doctor, she likes this doll very much; he thinks he is the pioneer of this relationship - and this is just the beginning. The way we think about taste - a person who likes blonde hair or red hair - then prefers inanimate objects. "They live in the middle of the relationship between fantasy and reality - sex dolls are the reality of objects, and they are the fantasies of women who care about them, have personality and history."Among them is a d cup sex doll with dark hair, she is promoted as "fullness, romance, spontaneous", and Scarlett is a blonde, is simply "absolute American dream." Sex dolls refer to their workers as " Elegant, sophisticated, adventurous ladies, they are “planned for discerning gentlemen.” The company says their dolls lasted about six months and allowed customers to do whatever they want for the dolls within a reasonable range. Things - as long as it is not violent or disturbing. (The urdolls also have women requesting male dolls and want to add them to their list.)A new commercial ad itself is the first personality doll broth in North America - customers can pay for sex with high-tech, silicone models - expected to open at the low-profile strip mall square in the northern end of Toronto early next month.A husband from New Jersey, whose sick wife agreed to let him use silicone substitutes - and their life with dolls. Comparable brothels have been opened in other parts of the world, just like in Europe, some people are on these brothels Concerns about the possible role of women in the dehumanization and objectification. The owners who chose to remain anonymous initially got their idea after visiting Japan (according to their marketing director). Shops of silicone doll type are becoming more and more popular in Japan.He said: "I have been married to a flesh-and-blood person for eight years, and I have not succeeded... Now I am with sex doll, we are very happy - this is very strange, but it is very strange. Strange is not necessarily It means bad things. The reaction to him is a bit mild.During a trip to the zoo with one of his "wife", the long-time staff was full of praise for his friendly manner, and the strangers chattered. Contradictions or supportive responses usually come from places that may not be possible; for example, his boss highly values ​​his unconventional regulars.She added: "It's hard to imagine a documentary about a sex doll that creates empathy." When she studied her subjects and spent time with me, she said: "I realize that everyone has a need or desire for love or Be loved - I think this is the real meaning, and it only takes time to see the time spent with people, because the first time you heard it, it was a bit shocking. And... John And his wife Jackie, I mean, I know very well that he has too much love to give.He said that although the TPE sex doll is his wife, the couple also participated in "hierarchical diversification" with another doll: "Basically, this means, just like we love each other," he is in the movie. Said in the middle. "It's all equal, but Sidall will always be my wife."However, for all his protests, he clearly realized that his lover was a doll; he separated them and explained the mechanics of the film, as well as cleaning up the eyebrows of him and the sex doll. She added: "This is why I said that this is a win-win situation, as long as he is happy and he is safe. He has not done anything wrong. I am fine. I am really."However, she asked her to spend some time before "meeting" the doll - but eventually she began to dress her husband. Especially Marina, proved particularly useful through their personal struggles. “On one level, they know they are not real; she tells urdolls that they will show you the mechanics, the way they work, the mind, etc.” But on another level, when they talk about dolls, you will feel them I really believe that these dolls are real people, real humans."The car may crash, so I don't plan to get on the bus:" This is my recent thought. The urdolls website also states: "Our dolls can be used for safe vaginal, anal, oral and breast sexual behavior. Each hole has a different, unique texture, ridge and tightness that gives you a strong feeling even through the real Infiltration is also impossible."Although sex doll have evolved from more primitive blasting dolls often cited in popular culture to anatomically correct, life-size silicone models, the industry is still evolving, and companies like urdolls are making fine-tuning techniques and artificial intelligence. Production. The doll is more realisticReference link:urdolls/sex-dolls-provide-you-with-a-variety-of-sex-life-3rmw4r5wrkn4" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://www.prfree.org/@urdolls/sex-dolls-provide-you-with-a-variety-of-sex-life-3rmw4r5wrkn4https://ulog.u.nosv.org/item/579140632173169/1553739574

  8. ulovers ulovers 2019-03-27 13:22

    Sex dolls inspire you more sex skillsWhat are the big breast dolls TPE made of? Our service is to get a place. We are always ready to provide you with the best products for sex dolls. Our company has the best experience that customers need to buy sex dolls. We will guide you through the best way to buy your first sexy doll.The sex doll's appearance is made of high quality elastic material and covers the elaborate metal skeleton.
    The appearance of the doll is composed of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and an epoxy resin;
    The TPE formula looks like real human skin. All the materials used to build the model are harmless to the human body, Many solid dolls are not completely unable to move.The joints of the hands and feet of the physical small breast dolls are made of polymer resin, which can transform all postures you want and swing freely with us. so that you can have a better experience of the sexual process. I believe that at this time, many people will not ask who used a physical doll?Eco-friendly and compliant with national health and safety standards.Regarding the opportunity that you now have a pocket impactor that you like, buy a basic real sex inflatable doll, and you can place it in an incredible way to increase your personal sexual joy. Please refer to the specifications to add a fake vagina to an inflatable toy.After each use, your realistic dolls must restore your model to its original position: lying flat and hands down.If indentation or deformation due to pressure, apply a warm cloth to the affected area and use only a soft cloth.If you want to try a sex doll for the first time, choosing an inflatable doll will reduce costs and allow you to easily repeat the doll. Roxy and Schnaps are two common models for hobbyists.Another important element, the fully articulated metal skeleton is designed to allow your model to be handled in a variety of realistic poses.
    Although the elasticity of the TPE 165cm sex dolls is very good, prolonged excessive tension can cause deformation.Using highly textured materials can leave unnecessary marks on the surface of the model."It's very good for them and helps them to keep the people they love, to comfort them, and people do not always buy dolls for the wrong reasons."We even want couples who want to experience the trio, but maybe they will feel uncomfortable because they will see their partner with another person."I was really interested, but I discovered that the game was mainly about providing 140cm adult doll in a sexier way. It was very dirty or for their own satisfaction."I want to see things from a different angle, more to help those seeking comfort or who are socially inaccessible because of mental health or learning issues."This is an extremely cautious service, the ordering process is done online and is delivered to the door by a trusted courier service.""It's great for those who may feel socially uncomfortable if they are close to the opposite sex."These 158cm sex dolls are also suitable for those who wish to try several people or who have mental health and learning problems, who may have difficulty in social situations.Stanley already has a series of tanning salons, but after reading the industry news in a newspaper article 18 months ago, he began to take an interest in the idea of ​​sex dolls.Stanley said, "I read a lot of news about dolls and started my own research.https://www.uloversdoll.com/new-arrival.htmlhttps://www.uloversdoll.com/medium-chest-dolls.html

  9. urdolls urdolls 2019-03-15 03:46

    Silicone dolls need to be kept cleanSome of these toys have been successful and some toys cannot be sold. In 2009, a silicone sex doll's device was launched - this is a male device related to porn videos that simulates what the actor feels on the screen in real time. According to the comments of the Science and Technology News website, this experience is very realistic.In the last two films, filmmakers explored an interesting concept: whether humans would fall in love and want to have sex with artificial intelligence or robots. Of course, this is not the first time people have been complacent after artificial human entities. As artificial intelligence and robots become more advanced, some people claim that the mini 100cm doll designed for love and sex is finally close to reality. For example, in his book "Love and Robotic Sexual Behavior", David Levy estimates that by 2050, the marriage robot will normalize.According to the "Daily Star" report, this sexy robot - "has a long-lasting memory" can recall the characteristics of the user - will be launched next month - customized to order, and can be customized.First, they have to make something to stand up. Sex dolls and other humanoid forms are now heavy (real dolls can weigh up to 47 kilograms (105 pounds)) and cannot support their weight. Sex robots must not only be able to stand, but also be able to move and position their limbs independently. This is not a trivial task. Robotics experts are still working to replicate smooth human movements.Robots also need realistic skin.- Silicone needs to be kept clean. Copying is not just the irregularity of the human skin, but its feeling, flexibility and giving, its stretch and tone, really hard. In October last year, researchers in Singapore announced that they had developed artificial skin that could feel the pressure. What people often mean when talking about sex robots is that robots take humanoid formSome people say that an app will help men connect with their dolls, which can be synchronized with the robot. A new sex doll has been filmed to answer questions, claiming to be the first porn robot to be able to talk. As the sex doll industry moves forward, sex dolls are said to further blur the line between humans and robots.Sex doll robots and artificial intelligence dolls will influence the economic, social and personal organization of advanced industrial economies. It is not just in the United States. The 2nd Annual Academic Conference on Love and Sexual Robotics should be held in Malaysia in November 2015. The 2nd International Conference on Robot Love and Sex in 2016.These are all interesting and difficult technical issues. Someone is dealing with all of these issues separately. But in reality it takes a huge team, full of engineers, robots, sex toy designers, computer scientists, etc. to create a convincing sex robot. "For a single genius, they are not simple enough.Sex robots are sex TPE doll, not devices - a much more complex prospect. “Sex robots will need to bring together multiple disciplines, from nanotechnology to replicating non-uniform skin textures to artificial intelligence with natural language understanding,” said a reporter who is responsible for the intersection of law and technology. Making truly satisfying sex robots requires a lot of technical engineering, starting from the skin, all the way to the hinge, battery life and internal processor.Reference link:http://www.godry.co.uk/profiles/blogs/can-create-custom-personality-sex-dollshttp://forum.rextonhub.com/sex-dolls-are-human-sexual-objects-and-emotional-objects-t3650.html

  10. uxdoll uxdoll 2019-03-06 07:46

    uxdoll.com High-quality life size realistic love doll, Bed The Woman Of Your Deams.

  11. ulovers ulovers 2019-03-04 10:54

    The story between me and the dollHow should I start? I must admit that I not only like to have sex with a sex dolls. Yes, one of these modern sex dolls has proven to be a good companion. Recently I have had my favorite love doll experience, which is very wonderful, I don't want to detain it from you.It all started with a repairman who grew out of the house. During this time, I had to use another sex doll to pass the time. But it's not the same, I started to be more and more eager for an unfortunate doll that I don't love. In hindsight, of course, this is naive, only one week. But at the time I didn't know how long I could stay without my favorite Love doll.If you call me crazy, I can't change it. But this doll is my only thing, as I have noticed now, not a little surprised. Soon I walked around like a tiger in a cage, just because I didn't have this doll. And sitting in my apartment, there are some other Love dolls looking at me reproachfully. At least that is what I look like.So I caught one of the sex dolls because I hope she is a bit comforting. I did my best, but I loved the doll and felt a bit disdainful. So of course it's no wonder that my best work disappoints me, I have to put the Love doll back in place. Same as other sex dolls.You can put on, make up and shape your sex silicone dolls according to your preferences. It will never contradict you or make constant demands, just as real women often do. And she is not just a masturbation, she spent a lot of money. Because she is sitting at the table with you and in front of the TV, you can even take her to the suitcase while traveling. Depending on the model, the Real doll can stand and have enough power to hold the object in the arm and hand. For example, you can use it as a powerful attraction for storing your tablet, keychain or smartphone.Although the relationship involves not pure sex, love dolls naturally have vaginal and anal. In addition, her mouth is equipped with a tongue and sometimes even teeth. Real doll also has its own weight, which ensures that you can use sex dolls to make your love life very realistic. Such Real dolls feel soft and warm and can hug.I think now you can understand that I am getting more and more desperate.I called the hotline again and I was sure that the repair was completed and my tpe dolls has returned to me. Now I have a busy conversation: when my sex doll arrives, the apartment must be thoroughly cleaned. I also went out to buy snacks and a bottle of expensive sparkling wine, so I can celebrate this much-anticipated event as normal.Finally, the next morning is the time. The parcel courier called and we put the packaged sex doll into my apartment. I can't wait until I am alone to start unpacking. The outer carton opens quickly and at some level my sex doll is exposed. Of course, I still have to put the dolls together, I am shaking.When she finally sat in the chair, I also attached the head of the sex doll, and my joy was overwhelming. I felt tears when I touched her and told her how much I longed for her. Then this happened and I have not left my head since then. My love doll blinked at me and looked happy. It seemed to say, "You have missed you!"What else I need to mention is that the sex with my love dolls is the best I have ever experienced?