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signal jammers

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signaljammers 2019-08-21, 13:31

Today, the number of drones around the world has increased dramatically. However, drones are not always used for peaceful purposes. They can be installed for surveillance, unauthorized photography, spying or transporting weapons and drugs. Using the drone vault, fraudsters can gain access to personal information about the person, even bank accounts, safe deposit box passwords and other information. Now more and more people want to know how to legally take down black flying drones. Powerful drone jammers are designed to solve this problem effectively

The drone's ability to capture video and take pictures in private areas is favored by many people who use this information for personal purposes, possibly by capturing special events to gather unauthorized information about the facility ,and use the information to the detriment of that person. Therefore, it is necessary to use uav to protect your personal life and property from loss. drone jammers are easy to use, with flexible Settings, interfaces that do not require specific services, and many modern security system integrations. The devices are designed to stop unauthorized drone flights, video and audio as well as private surveillance. Main purposes of using drone jammers: secure society, privacy and confidentiality. At our company, we provide any type of drone signal jammers

At present, the popular four-axis uav in the market mainly works in 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz, with a distance of 200-2000m or more, depending on the position of the equipment, power and distance from the operator. The shielding device consists of several basic segments, namely: the power provided by the microcontroller, the integrated unit, the module and the amplifier. Once the uav jammer works, it will interfere with the signal transmission of the upper and lower frequency band, making its remote control malfunction. The captured image video cannot be transmitted back, forcing the uav to circle and land in the sky, completely cutting off the connection between the uav and the remote control or ground station.

Saturday, August 4th,the Venezuelan President nicolas maduro was speaking in Caracas when a flying device came close and exploded. It took several seconds for security guards to react. They appeared to be dealing with what happened. A second explosion occurred seconds later. The assassins flew two drones, each carrying 2.2 pounds of c-4 plastic bombs to Mr. Maduro and his wife, at that time Maduro was speaking on the 81st anniversary of the presidential guard. One of the drones appears to have exploded above the President, the other directly in front of him.

Drone technology has improved dramatically, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. As you can see, in the wrong hands, it becomes an unexpected and lethal weapon. A simple drone can now be purchased online at a relatively low cost, or in a store that is easily accessible to everyone, including terrorists. With the rapid progress of science and technology, anti-uav system is no longer a thing of the future, but the drone threat is real in reality.

drone jammer

By signaljammers in signal jammers on 2019-08-21 13:31:33.