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  1. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-18 06:01

    Original 17Wh Bose 061384 061385 061386 063404 Akku
    ProduktinfoAkkutechnologie: Li-ionAusgangsspannung (Volt): 7.4 VoltKapazität: 17Wh / 2230mAhFarbe: SchwarzArtikelzustand: Neu,100% OriginalGarantie: Garantie: 6 Monate / 30-Tage RückgabePaket enthalten:1 x Akku Bose(mit Werkzeugen)Kompatibles Modell:Bose 061384 061385 061386 063404

  2. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-18 06:01

    Original 17Wh Bose 088772 088789 088796 Akku
    ProduktinfoAkkutechnologie: Li-ionAusgangsspannung (Volt): 7.4 VoltKapazität: 17Wh / 2230mAhFarbe: SchwarzArtikelzustand: Neu,100% OriginalGarantie: Garantie: 6 Monate / 30-Tage RückgabePaket enthalten:1 x Akku Bose(mit Werkzeugen)Kompatibles Modell:088772 088789 088796,

  3. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-18 06:00

    Original 72Wh Fujitsu Celsius H730 Serie Akku
    ProduktinfoAkkutechnologie: Li-ionAusgangsspannung (Volt): 10.8 VoltKapazität: 6700 mAh / 72 Wh / 6-ZellenFarbe: SchwarzArtikelzustand: Neu,100% OriginalGarantie: 6 Monate / 30-Tage RückgabePaket enthalten:1 x Akku Fujitsu (mit Werkzeugen)Kompatibles Modell:CP293530-03 Fujitsu, CP293590-01 Fujitsu, CP556150-01 Fujitsu, CP704821-XX Fujitsu, 34051117 Fujitsu, FMVNBP199 Fujitsu, 34045895 Fujitsu, FPB0221 Fujitsu, 38023044 Fujitsu, FPCBP282 Fujitsu, 38010750 Fujitsu, CP293550-02 Fujitsu, 38018054 Fujitsu, CP458102-01 Fujitsu, CP518202-XX Fujitsu, CP707714-XX Fujitsu, FMVNBP242 Fujitsu, CP689834-01 Fujitsu, FPCBP219 Fujitsu, FPB0262 Fujitsu, CP293550-03 Fujitsu, FPCBP145 Fujitsu, CP293551-02 Fujitsu, FPB0250 Fujitsu, CP556150-XX Fujitsu, FPB0333S Fujitsu, CP669832-XX Fujitsu, CP470833-01 Fujitsu, CP293550-XX Fujitsu, CP483691-02 Fujitsu, CP293570-01 Fujitsu, CP518202-01 Fujitsu, CP669832-01 Fujitsu, FMVNBP146 Fujitsu, CP470833-XX Fujitsu, CP470834-XX Fujitsu, FMVNBP178 Fujitsu, CP707714-01 Fujitsu, FMVNBP198 Fujitsu, FMVNBP210 Fujitsu, CP458102-XX Fujitsu, FPCBP519 Fujitsu, FPB0131 Fujitsu, CP518584-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP293570-01 Fujitsu, FUJ:CP470833-XX Fujitsu, CP556150-02 Fujitsu, 38017114 Fujitsu, FUJ:CP669832-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP293530-03 Fujitsu, 38018055 Fujitsu, FUJ:CP707714-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP293550-XX Fujitsu, CP293530-01 Fujitsu, 34037484 Fujitsu, FUJ:CP458102-XX Fujitsu, CP293550-01 Fujitsu, 34050040 Fujitsu, FPCBP281 Fujitsu, CP704821-01 Fujitsu, FPCBP325 Fujitsu, CP293590-02 Fujitsu, FUJ:CP704821-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP556150-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP470834-XX Fujitsu, S26391-F956-L100 Fujitsu, FUJ:CP518202-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP293590-01 Fujitsu, S26391-F514-L200 Fujitsu,

  4. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-18 05:59

    Original Lenovo Y70-70 Touch 80DU00B2US Netzteil 135W
    ProduktinfoEingangsspannung:100-240V / 50-60HzSpannung-Stromstärke-Ausgangsleistung: 20V-6.75A-135WSteckertyp: Yellow square With 1-PinFarbe: SchwarzArtikelzustand: Neu,OriginalGarantie: 1 Jahr Garantie und 30 Tage Geld zurückPaket enthalten:1 x Netzteil Lenovo1 x EU-PLUG KabelKompatibles Modell45N0361 Lenovo, 45N0554 Lenovo, 35044607 Lenovo, 45N0364 Lenovo, 35043700 Lenovo, 45N0501 Lenovo, 36200609 Lenovo, 45N0550 Lenovo, 36200318 Lenovo, 36200314 Lenovo, 45N0362 Lenovo, 36200605 Lenovo, 45N0485 Lenovo, 45N0365 Lenovo, 4X20E50563 Lenovo, 45N0552 Lenovo, 4X20E50564 Lenovo, 45N0556 Lenovo, 4X20E50559 Lenovo, 4X20E50560 Lenovo, 4X20E50572 Lenovo, 4X20E50567 Lenovo, 4X20E50568 Lenovo, 4X20E50561 Lenovo, 4X20E50570 Lenovo, 4X20E50558 Lenovo, 4X20E50571 Lenovo, 4X20E50573 Lenovo, 4X20E50565 Lenovo, 4X20E50566 Lenovo, 4X20E50562 Lenovo, 4X20E50569 Lenovo, ADL135NLC3A Lenovo, ADL135NDC3A Lenovo, PA-1131-72 Lenovo, SA10M42761 Lenovo, 5A10J75112 Lenovo,

  5. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-18 05:59

    Original 48Wh Lenovo IdeaPad S110 Serie Akku
    ProduktinfoAkkutechnologie: Li-ionAusgangsspannung (Volt): 11,1 VoltKapazität: 4400 mAh / 48 Wh / 6-ZellenFarbe: SchwarzArtikelzustand: New,100% OriginalGarantie: 6 Monate / 30-Tage RückgabePaket enthalten:1 x Akku Lenovo(mit Werkzeugen)

  6. genuinepowerada genuinepowerada 2019-04-17 05:24

    http://adapter-plaza.com/adp330ab-b-dell-195v-169a-330w-power-adapter-for-alienware-am18x6732baa-m18x-r1-r2-r3-laptop-tip-74mm-x-5-p-6010.html                            ADP-330AB B Dell 19.5V 16.9A 330W Adapter Fit Alienware M18X R3 i7-4930MX X51 i7-3770 i7-4770 Tip 7.4mm x 5.0mm With Centre Pin

  7. genuinepowerada genuinepowerada 2019-04-17 05:23


  8. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-02 04:34

    Original Adaptador Cargador Microsoft Surface RT2 24W   https://www.es-adaptador.com/original-adaptador-cargador-microsoft-surface-rt2-24w-p-58873.html

  9. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-02 04:33

    Original USB-C Adaptador Cargador HP V5Y26AA V5Y26AA#ABB 45W  https://www.es-adaptador.com/original-usbc-adaptador-cargador-hp-v5y26aa-v5y26aaabb-45w-p-33268.html

  10. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-02 04:32

    Original Adaptador Cargador H6Y89AA#ABA HP 4.5mm * 3.0mm 65W                            https://www.es-adaptador.com/original-adaptador-cargador-h6y89aaaba-hp-45mm-30mm-65w-p-26452.html

  11. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-02 04:31

    Original 45Wh HP Envy 13-d020ng (P4A48EA) Akku 

    Original 45Wh HP Envy 13-d020ng (P4A48EA) Akku   https://www.3cparts.de/original-45wh-hp-envy-13d020ng-p4a48ea-akku-p-53606.html

  12. genuinepowerada genuinepowerada 2019-01-15 04:55

    http://global-adapters.com/new-9v-300ma-component-350903003ct-ac-dc-power-adapter-charger-p-1690.html                   New 9V 300mA Component 350903003CT AC DC Power Adapter Charger    Product Description  Brand: Component  P/N:    Model No.:   350903003CT Input:  117V  60Hz  6W Output: 9V 300mA        Package Included: 1xAC ADAPTER

  13. genuinepowerada genuinepowerada 2019-01-15 04:55


  14. genuinepowerada genuinepowerada 2019-01-15 04:15


  15. genuinepowerada genuinepowerada 2019-01-15 03:10

    http://global-adapters.com/new-45v-06a-matsushita-rfea415c-ac-power-supply-adapter-p-1698.html       New 4.5V 0.6A Matsushita RFEA415C AC Power Supply Adapter    Product Description Brand:Matsushita P/N:   Model No.:  RFEA415C Input: 120VAC  60Hz  6W Output: 4.5V 0.6A     Package Included: 1xAC ADAPTER    100% Brand New with High Quality! 30-Days Money Back and 18 Months Year Warranty! Fast shipping!Free Power Cord

  16. genuinepowerada genuinepowerada 2019-01-14 08:39

    http://global-adapters.com/new-jbl-7000124001-dsa12ca05-100240v-6v-15a-ac-power-adapter-p-1693.html                             New JBL 700-0124-001 DSA-12CA-05 100-240v 6V 1.5A ac Power Adapter  Product Description Brand: JBL  P/N:   700-0124-001 Model No.: DSA-12CA-05  Input:  120-240V  50-60Hz  0.3A Output: 6V 1.5A     Package Included: 1xAC ADAPTER    100% Brand New with High Quality! 30-Days Money Back

  17. genuinepowerada genuinepowerada 2019-01-14 08:12

    http://global-adapters.com/new-5v-15a-12v-15a-5pin-liteon-it-asian-power-corp-da30c01-ac-adapter-p-1673.html       New 5V 1.5A 12V 1.5A 5-PIN Lite-On It Asian Power Corp. DA-30C01 AC Adapter     Product Description  Brand:Arris Model:Lite-On It Asian Power  P/N:   Input: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, 0.85A MAX Output: 5V 1.5A         12V 1.5A  Connector size:5-PIN    Package Included: 1xAC ADAPTER 1XPower Cord  100% Brand New

  18. genuinepowerada genuinepowerada 2019-01-14 08:11


  19. textilebuzz textilebuzz 2018-11-23 06:35


  20. textilebuzz textilebuzz 2018-11-23 06:34


  21. textilebuzz textilebuzz 2018-11-23 06:34


  22. textilebuzz textilebuzz 2018-11-23 06:33


  23. textilebuzz textilebuzz 2018-11-23 06:33


  24. genuinepowerada genuinepowerada 2018-11-22 08:58


    Brand new  HK35UA-6.0-300 6.0V AC 300mA CLASS 2 POWER SUPPLY Charger Adapter
    Specification:Condition:  NEW MODEL: HK35UA-6.0-300INPUT: 120V-60HZ  3WOUTPUT: 6.0V AC 300mA  5.5X2.1MMCLASS 2 POWER SUPPLYEFFICIENCY LEVEL: IV 
    Please make sure the output and tip size of adapter charger 
    power are accordant before you bid/use.Industry Quality : Over Voltage Protection, Over Heat 
    Protection Please don't confuse us with the low quality low current ones in the market! Package include:1 x New AC/AC Adapter Power Charger

  25. genuinepowerada genuinepowerada 2018-11-22 08:53


    Brand New Original LG Z355-GH60K Charger Cord 19V 2.1A 40W AC Power Adapter Specifications:Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60HzOutput: 19V 2.1A 40WConnector: 5.5mm * 2.5mmColor: BlackPower Cord Cable: US Plug (OR EU, UK, AU Plug, to fit the shipping address.Condition: Brand New, 100% Original
    Package include:1 x Adapter Charger1 x power cord( US,UK,EU,AU standard is available,we send for you according to your country)Condition: NEW New, 1 Year Warranty!30-Days Money Back! Fast Shipping! Free Power Cord Fit your country! 

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