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high quality and original laptop parts

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  1. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-16 11:24

    40Wh Dell Inspiron 15 (5559) Serie Battery

    Product InfoBattery Technology: Li-ionDevice Voltage (Volt): 14.8 VoltCapacity: 2700 mAh / 40 Wh / 4-CellColor: BlackCondition: New,100% OriginalWarranty: Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money BackPackage included:1 x Dell Battery (With Tools)Compatible Model:0FJCY5 Dell, 07G07 Dell, 078V9D Dell, 007G07 Dell, 78V9D Dell, 0K185W Dell, HD4J0 Dell, 0M5Y1K Dell, 991XP Dell, 0991XP Dell, FJCY5 Dell, 0WKRJ2 Dell, GXVJ3 Dell, 453-BBBR Dell, K185W Dell, 0GXVJ3 Dell, 0HD4J0 Dell, M5Y1K Dell, 0VN3N0 Dell, VN3N0 Dell, WKRJ2 Dell,

  2. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-16 11:21

    Apple iBook G4 1GHz 14.1 inch M9165LL/A 65w Charger/Adapter
    Product InfoInput:100-240V / 50-60HzVoltage-Electric current-Output Power: 24.5V-2.65A-65WPlug Type: 1 PinColor: WhiteCondition: Used(85% new),GenuineWarranty: Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money BackPackage included:1 x Apple ChargerCompatible Model:A1021,ADP-65GB

  3. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-16 11:18

    85W MagSafe Charger/Adapter MacBook Pro 15,4" A1286 (Early 2011)
    Product InfoInput:100-240V / 50-60HzVoltage-Electric current-Output Power: 16.5V-18.5V-4.6A-85WPlug Type: 5-Pin L-tipCondition: NewColor: WhiteWarranty: Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money BackPackage included:1 x Apple Charger1 x US-PLUGCompatible Model:A1151 Apple, A1172 Apple, A1189 Apple, A1211 Apple, A1226 Apple, A1229A Apple, A1260 Apple, A1278 Apple, A1281 Apple, A1286 Apple, A1290 Apple, A1297 Apple, A1343 Apple, A1229 Apple, A1261 Apple, 661-5843 Apple, 661-3994 Apple, A1150 Apple, A1212 Apple, MA357 Apple, 611-0377 Apple, 661-4259 Apple, 611-0463 Apple, 661-4339 Apple, 661-5036 Apple, 661-4599 Apple, 661-5474 Apple, 661-4832 Apple,

  4. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-16 11:18

    Asus P453UA-1A Accu Batterij

    Compatibel model:0B110-00320300 Asus, 0B110-00320100 Asus, A41L895 Asus, A41N1421 Asus,

  5. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-16 11:15

    Asus 90XB04GN-MPW060 Charger/Adapter 230W
    Product InfoInput:100-240V / 50-60HzVoltage-Electric current-Output Power: 19.5V-11.8A-230WPlug Type: 6.0mm / 3.7mm 1 PinColor: BlackCondition: New,GenuineWarranty: Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money BackPackage included:1 x Asus Charger1 x US-PLUG CableCompatible Model:Asus 0A001-00391200, Asus 90XB04GN-MPW010, Asus 90XB04GN-MPW020, Asus 90XB04GN-MPW030, Asus 90XB04GN-MPW040, Asus 90XB04GN-MPW050, Asus 90XB04GN-MPW060, Asus AD230-00E, Asus Delta 0A001-00390800, Asus Delta 0A001-00391100, Asus Delta ADP-230EB T, Asus Delta ADP-230EB TBC, Asus Delta ADP-230EB TX,

  6. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-16 11:12

    Bose Soundtouch II Portable Accu Batterij

    Compatibel model:Bose 359498 330105 330107a 359495 330107

  7. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-16 11:11

    Original 48Wh Lenovo IdeaPad S110 Serie Akku
    ProduktinfoAkkutechnologie: Li-ionAusgangsspannung (Volt): 11,1 VoltKapazität: 4400 mAh / 48 Wh / 6-ZellenFarbe: SchwarzArtikelzustand: New,100% OriginalGarantie: 6 Monate / 30-Tage RückgabePaket enthalten:1 x Akku Lenovo(mit Werkzeugen)

  8. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-16 11:04

    Asus N56 N56VZ N56VM N56VM-S3150V Accu Batterij

  9. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-16 10:59

    Toshiba Satellite L70-B-130 Accu Batterij

    Compatibel model:P000573330 Toshiba, P000617550 Toshiba, P000697240 Toshiba, P000573310 Toshiba, P000573320 Toshiba, PA5108U-1BRS Toshiba, P000697230 Toshiba, P000614020 Toshiba, PABAS273 Toshiba, P000579610 Toshiba, PABAS271 Toshiba, P000573340 Toshiba, PABAS272 Toshiba, P000573350 Toshiba, G71C000FQ110 Toshiba, G71C000FS210 Toshiba, PA5110U Toshiba, G71C000FU110 Toshiba, G71C000FS110 Toshiba, PA5109U-1BRS Toshiba,

  10. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-16 10:53

    Asus C31Pn9H Accu Batterij

    Compatibel model:0B200-01180200 Asus, 359190B1 SMP, C31Pn9H Asus, C31N1539 Asus,

  11. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-16 10:47

    Dell Latitude 12 (E7240) Accu Batterij

    Compatibel model:451-BBFX Dell, 9C26T Dell, F3G33 Dell, FW2NM Dell, HJ8KP Dell, NCVF0 Dell, J31N7 Dell, 0VFV59 Dell, 451-BBFW Dell, GVD76 Dell, VFV59 Dell, W57CV Dell, WD52H Dell, 0W57CV Dell, KWFFN Dell,

  12. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-16 10:41

    Asus A32Li9H Accu Batterij

  13. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-15 10:13

    13W Microsoft Surface 1645 Charger/Adapter
    Product InfoInput:100-240V / 50-60HzVoltage-Electric current-Output Power: 5.2V-2.5A-13WPlug Type: USBColor: BlackCondition: New, GenuineWarranty: Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money BackPackage included:1 x Microsoft ChargerCompatible Model:Microsoft Surface 1623,Microsoft Surface 1624,Microsoft Surface 1645

  14. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-15 10:12

    42Wh Dell Inspiron 13 5378 Battery
    Product InfoBattery Technology: Li-ionDevice Voltage (Volt): 11.4 VoltCapacity: 42WhColor: BlackCondition: New,100% OriginalWarranty: Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money BackPackage included:1 x Dell Battery (With Tools)Compatible Model:Dell WDX0R T2JX4 0WDX0R 3CRH3

  15. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-15 10:11

    Sony KDL-48R550C Charger/Adapter 19.5V 4.36A
    Product InfoInput:100-240V / 50-60HzVoltage-Electric current-Output Power: 19.5V-4.36A-85WPlug Type: 6.5mm / 4.4mm 1 PinColor: BlackCondition: New,GenuineWarranty: Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money BackPackage included:1 x Sony Charger1 x UK-PLUG Cable

  16. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-04-15 10:11

    MSI Trident 3 VR7RC-076RU charger/adapter 330W
    Product InfoInput:100-240V / 50-60HzVoltage-Electric current-Output Power: 19.5V-16.9A-330WPlug Type: 4-HoleColor: BlackCondition: NewWarranty: Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money BackPackage included:1 x Delta Charger1 x US-PLUG Cable(or fit your country)

  17. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-15 09:24

    Dell Latitude 12 7212 T03H Charger Adapter
    https://www.goadapter.com/original-dell-latitude-12-7212-t03h-chargeradapter-65w-p-14441.html Compatible Model:05NW44 Dell, CN-043NY4 Dell, 074VT4 Dell, 332-0971 Dell, CPL-74VT4 Dell, 5NW44 Dell, DA65NM111-00 Dell, 43NY4 Dell, PA-1650-02D4 Dell, 043NY4 Dell, PA-12 Dell, 0MGJN9 Dell, PA-1650-02D3 Dell, ADP-65TH F Dell, LA65NS2-01 Dell, CN-074VT4 Dell, MGJN9 Dell, 74VT4 Dell, C7HFG Dell, 450-AECL Dell,

  18. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-15 09:10

    HP Envy 20-d010la TouchSmart Charger Adapter

  19. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-15 09:07

    HP 15-g035CY 15-g035DS Charger Adapter

    Compatible Model:843319-002 HP, 845612-001 HP, 845837-850 HP, A045R038L HP, TPN-LA03 HP, 741553-850 HP, A045R07DH HP, HSTNN-DA40 HP, PA-1450-36HE HP, H6Y88AA HP, HSTNN-CA40 HP, H6Y88AA#ABB HP, HSTNN-LA40 HP, H6Y88AA#ABA HP, 742436-001 HP, 854054-002 HP, 740015-001 HP, 740015-003 HP, 740015-002 HP, 721092-001 HP, 741727-001 HP, 734734-001 HP, ADP-45FE B HP,

  20. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-15 09:03

    Lenovo ThinkPad L380 20M5 Charger Adapter

  21. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-15 08:55

    Fujitsu LifeBook T936 Charger Adapter

  22. urdolls urdolls 2019-04-15 07:37

    Agree with your sex dollThe surreal sex doll robot, made of "polymer composites", has been shot in a promotional video, displayed in various sexual poses and "inspired." I can't love you, but I can't lie to you" - Sex doll robots say.The truth of the matter is that many interpersonal relationships are broken, flawed and dysfunctional," he said. "Many people will eventually reach a consensus with their partners because they think it's all they can get. They just fell into this dilemma. There are many different ways to look at it, but at the end of the day, I think it comes down to a simple fact, is this useful for this person? The problematic people found this happiness through artificial intelligence-driven robots and found that they never had a close relationship with another person - their job is to intervene and say 'no, you can't do this. this is not right.“I think this is one of the biggest human defects we are trying to change. We are trying to overlay our worldview with others. Because if we have some feeling, or we have some experience, we think everyone should Follow the same roadmap. I think people there may never form relationships. They may not have the ability in this area... The most important thing is, if robots, if artificial intelligence makes people feel love, they Really feel it, then is it really important?Talking and sly female robots are now sold through the silicone sex doll robot company urdolls. Although still to be studied, machines can hide more knowledge about humans in our own home than in computer science laboratories. “I think what we are doing can capture the imagination of many people, but it is also interesting that many traditional robotics and artificial intelligence garments may not touch the 10-foot pole. This robot can not only be a companion, but even Intimate with you."The doctor told the Daily Star: "People can finally buy her now. Recently, some sex dolls and robots have been strongly opposed. These dolls and robots have "child-like" characteristics.Most people say: "They are the weight of a 7-year-old child, they are not traditional blast dolls. They are very, very different - very anatomically accurate. When people see her being awakened and excited, I am sure it will Feel surreal.” In the end, Dr. hopes to sell his “very humanized” TPE doll robot in an adult store.He works with Chinese sex dolls and robot factories to produce "at least 50 pieces per week." Prediction: Sexual robots are the most destructive technical dolls we haven't seen. There is a "brain memory" - stored on the SD card of the computer in her mind.Her body is covered by pressure points or “contact interfaces” that respond to body interactions and in turn send feedback to the “brain”.They began using silicone prostheses as special effects artists in the late last century. “I am fascinated by the idea of ​​this very realistic person,” he said. Then the man began to reach out to him and asked if his lifelike figures were anatomically correct, and “Can you make one for me according to my specifications?” Supporting the sale of character, “the business has been created since then.” Launched in 1997, what is the name of the car doll is Ferrari. Related: Sexual robots become a reality, but are they dangerous to society?He hired a man to "test drive" a female sex doll like a car - said: You can choose her nipples, eyelashes, eyebrows, colors, lipstick, cosmetics, nail polish, everything. You can create the doll that excites you the most. Therefore, sex dolls can judge when this man is excited, but like human interaction, sex robots need to be awakened before she "begins to enjoy themselves."I won't say that I have concerns. Basically, there are two aspects to this. There is hardware, that is, robot, then AI, this is software. At the moment of artificial intelligence software, whether it is a d cup sex doll robot or a computer, when it develops or actually becomes self-conscious, I believe it should have rights - if it is really self-conscious. "However, he doesn't think it will happen for a long time. "We just started using it, it's still in its infancy. We don't have the artificial intelligence you see at Westworld. We don't have the robot you see at Westworld. We have hardly made progress.Reference link:http://www.godry.co.uk/profiles/blogs/how-do-sex-dolls-work#.XK_7dKL7Spohttps://blog.peoplelovepeople.com/en/culture/sex-dolls-can-be-a-powerful-educational-tool/33-42-3390

  23. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-12 11:12

    Batteria Asus B31N1429

  24. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-12 10:51

    Adattatore Caricabatterie Apple Mac Mini A1283

  25. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-04-12 10:46

    Batteria Toshiba Portege Z30-A-17V

    Modello compatibile:G71C000G7210 Toshiba, G71C000G7310 Toshiba, G71C000G7510 Toshiba, P71C000G72AA Toshiba, P000660610 Toshiba, PA5136U-1BRS Toshiba, P000662110 Toshiba, P000614130 Toshiba, G71C000G7110 Toshiba, P000697260 Toshiba, P000697590 Toshiba, P000640510 Toshiba, P000586330 Toshiba,

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