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high quality and original laptop parts

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  1. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-12 10:47

    Dell Latitude 3590 Netzteil/Ladegerät

  2. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-12 10:29

    Dell Latitude e5570 e5470 P62G Netzteil/Ladegerät

  3. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-12 09:50

    Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro-1370 Netzteil Ladegerät

  4. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-12 09:23

    Dell Latitude E6410 E6420 Netzteil/Ladegerät

  5. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-12 09:17

    Apple A1021 M8943LL/A Netzteil/Ladegerät

  6. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-12 09:12

    Lenovo ADP-90DD B CPA-A090 Netzteil Ladegerät

  7. urdolls urdolls 2019-06-11 04:29

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  8. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-06 10:06

    Lenovo Flex 5-1470 80XA Charger/Adapter

  9. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-06 10:00

    HP Envy x360 m6-aq005dx (W2K41UA) Battery
    Compatible Model:
    843538-541 HP, 844204-855 HP, 844204-850 HP, MB04055XL HP, MB04XL HP, TPN-W119 HP, HSTNN-UB6X HP, TPN-W120 HP,

  10. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-06 09:47

    Medion Akoya P6659 MD 99868 MD 99869 Adapter Oplader

  11. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-06 09:28

    LG LED Monitor M47 27M47VQ 24M47VQ Adapter Oplader

  12. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-06 09:22

    Samsung Q330-JS04DE Accu Batterij
    https://www.30adapter.nl/originele-48wh-samsung-q330js04de-accu-batterij-p-81726.htmlCompatibel model:
    BA43-00229A Samsung, BA43-00266A Samsung, BA43-00228A Samsung, BA43-00268A Samsung, AA-PB1VC6B Samsung, AA-PL1VC6W/E Samsung, AA-PB1VC6W Samsung, AA-PL1VC6B/E Samsung, AA-PL1VC6B Samsung,

  13. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-06 09:13

    LG EADP-40LB B Adapter Oplader

  14. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-06-05 11:51

    Original Adaptador Carregador Lenovo Y50-70 59438436 135W
    nformações do produtoEntrada:100-240V / 50-60HzSaída: 20V-6.75A-135WTipo de plugue: Yellow square With 1-PinCor: PretoCondição: novo, OriginalGarantia: Garantia de Reembolso de 12 Meses e 30 DiasIncluído no Pacote:1 x Adaptador Lenovo1 x Cabo EU-PLUGModelo compatível45N0361 Lenovo, 45N0554 Lenovo, 35044607 Lenovo, 45N0364 Lenovo, 35043700 Lenovo, 45N0501 Lenovo, 36200609 Lenovo, 45N0550 Lenovo, 36200318 Lenovo, 36200314 Lenovo, 45N0362 Lenovo, 36200605 Lenovo, 45N0485 Lenovo, 45N0365 Lenovo, 4X20E50563 Lenovo, 45N0552 Lenovo, 4X20E50564 Lenovo, 45N0556 Lenovo, 4X20E50559 Lenovo, 4X20E50560 Lenovo, 4X20E50572 Lenovo, 4X20E50567 Lenovo, 4X20E50568 Lenovo, 4X20E50561 Lenovo, 4X20E50570 Lenovo, 4X20E50558 Lenovo, 4X20E50571 Lenovo, 4X20E50573 Lenovo, 4X20E50565 Lenovo, 4X20E50566 Lenovo, 4X20E50562 Lenovo, 4X20E50569 Lenovo, ADL135NLC3A Lenovo, ADL135NDC3A Lenovo, PA-1131-72 Lenovo, SA10M42761 Lenovo, 5A10J75112 Lenovo,

  15. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-06-05 11:50

    Original Adaptador Carregador Microsoft Surface Pro 6 i5 8GB 128GB 65W

    Informações do produtoEntrada:100-240V / 50-60HzSaída: 15V-4A-65WCor: pretoCondição: novo, OriginalGarantia: Garantia de Reembolso de 12 Meses e 30 DiasIncluído no Pacote:1 x Adaptador Microsoft1 x Cabo EU-PLUGModelo compatível:Microsoft 1076,

  16. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-06-05 11:48

    Adaptador Carregador MagSafe2 Apple MacBook Air 13 MQD32DK/A 45W

    Informações do produtoEntrada:100-240V / 50-60HzSaída: 14.85V-3.05A-45WSteckertyp: 5-pin T-tipCor: BrancoCondição: NovoGarantia: Garantia de Reembolso de 12 Meses e 30 DiasIncluído no Pacote1 x Adaptador Apple1 x EU-PLUGModelo compatívelA1435 Apple,A1465 Apple,A1466 Apple,A1436 Apple

  17. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-06-05 03:52

    Original 17Wh Bose 061384 061385 061386 063404 Akku
    ProduktinfoAkkutechnologie: Li-ionAusgangsspannung (Volt): 7.4 VoltKapazität: 17Wh / 2230mAhFarbe: SchwarzArtikelzustand: Neu,100% OriginalGarantie: Garantie: 6 Monate / 30-Tage RückgabePaket enthalten:1 x Akku Bose(mit Werkzeugen)Kompatibles Modell:Bose 061384 061385 061386 063404

  18. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-04 11:20

    Batteria Dell Precision M2800
    Modello compatibile:
    05VFW Dell, 02P2MJ Dell, 0NRFFP Dell, 0P6YD6 Dell, 451-11977 Dell, 0M5Y0X Dell, 312-1324 Dell, 451-11960 Dell, 312-1164 Dell, 451-11695 Dell, 451-12135 Dell, 451-11947 Dell, 88WR6 Dell, 5CGM4 Dell, FKYCH Dell, 911MD Dell, 451-11961 Dell, 2VYF5 Dell, 5G67C Dell, 451-11694 Dell, 9KN44 Dell, 8858X Dell, 0T54FJ Dell, DHT0W Dell, 2P2MJ Dell, 312-1325 Dell, 312-1163 Dell, CC6N8 Dell, M9H56 Dell, PRRRF Dell, P8TC7 Dell, M5Y0X Dell, HCJWT Dell, NH6K9 Dell, T54F3 Dell, P6YD6 Dell, XV2VV Dell, P9TJ0 Dell, M1Y7N Dell, R48V3 Dell, NHXVW Dell, TVMVN Dell, X57F1 Dell, NRFFP Dell, T54FJ Dell,

  19. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-04 11:11

    Adattatore Caricabatterie Toshiba PA3516E-1AC3
    Modello compatibile:
    PSK3E Toshiba, K000019190 Toshiba, A000030260 Toshiba, A000030280 Toshiba, A000030250 Toshiba, A000048150 Toshiba, A000030270 Toshiba, A000041430 Toshiba, A000048160 Toshiba, A000048140 Toshiba, A000048170 Toshiba, K000076420 Toshiba, A000053960 Toshiba, K000076400 Toshiba, P000508080 Toshiba, K000045160 Toshiba,

  20. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-04 11:04

    Batteria Asus N550JV

    Modello compatibile:
    0B200-00390000 Asus, 0B200-00390100 Asus, C41-N550 Asus,

  21. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-04 10:56

    Adattatore Caricabatterie Sony KDL-32RD433

  22. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-04 10:48

    Batteria Pad Asus C21-TX300P

    Modello compatibile:
    0B200-00310200 Pad Asus, C21-TX300P Pad Asus, TX3PKC3 Pad Asus, 0B200-00310300 Pad Asus,

  23. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-06-04 10:45

    Original 56Wh Dell 0DRRP 0N7T6 5K9CP 90V7W Akku


    Original 56Wh Dell 0DRRP 0N7T6 5K9CP 90V7W Akku



    Akkutechnologie: Li-ion

    Ausgangsspannung (Volt): 7.6 Volt

    Kapazität: 56Wh

    Farbe: Schwarz

    Artikelzustand: Neu,100% Original

    Garantie: 6 Monate / 30-Tage Rückgabe

    List of packages:

    1 x Akku Dell (mit Werkzeugen)

    Kompatibles Modell:

    Dell 0DRRP 0N7T6 5K9CP 90V7W DIN02 JD25G JHXPY RWT1R

  24. Adapterone Adapterone 2019-06-04 10:39

    Batteria Lenovo ThinkPad T440s

  25. Sharon12kemsley Sharon12kemsley 2019-06-04 09:12

    Original 30Wh Lenovo Yoga 500-15ISK 80R6 Serie Akku
    ProduktinfoAkkutechnologie: Li-ionAusgangsspannung (Volt): 7,4 VoltKapazität: 4050 mAh / 30 Wh / 2-ZellenFarbe: SchwarzArtikelzustand: New,100% OriginalGarantie: 6 Monate / 30-Tage RückgabePaket enthalten:1 x Akku Lenovo(mit Werkzeugen)Kompatibles Modell:5B10J40591 Lenovo, 35042697 Medion, 5B10K10180 Lenovo, 5B10K10236 Lenovo, 35040121 Medion, 5B10G78611 Lenovo, 5B10K10182 Lenovo, 35043365 Medion, 5B10K10186 Lenovo, 35043708 Medion, 5B10K10214 Lenovo, L14M3P21 Lenovo, 5B10G78612 Lenovo, 5B10G78610 Lenovo, L15L2PB0 Lenovo, 5B10K10229 Lenovo, 35040160 Medion, L14L3P21 Lenovo, 5B10G78609 Lenovo, 35042775 Medion, L14M2P21 Lenovo, 35045006 Medion, 35045298 Medion, L15L3PB0 Lenovo, 5B10J40590 Lenovo,

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