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  1. beerdoll beerdoll 2019-07-02 03:54

    Für echte Liebespuppen ist die Liebe endlos
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  2. urdolls urdolls 2019-06-20 04:38

    Sex dolls meet people's growing needsHe said: "My original intention was to create a unique piece of art that looked so real that people stopped to look at it. Potential customers said that I like your work and the look of this doll but I can It has sex and it makes me realize that it will be a business adventure and not an art project."She made my eyes no longer embarrassing because there was a TPE sex doll saying that I was not interested in participating in other women to accept my wife. In an interview, he said: "We are developing a male version of Robot AI. We will eventually have a male and female platform."Male robots with better bionic penis than vibrators can be marketed this year. Experts are developing a male sex doll robot to meet growing demand. People don't seem to worry about the robot uprising as they used to.According to him, the male version is different from women in terms of personality and sound. He added: "This is obvious, gender; in terms of personality and sound, then obviously the male body of the robot.It's sad to see how the relationship has become obsolete in a decade or decades, and that doesn't mean that love has broken out. It stretches out to mean that it is a fantasy element that needs feedback. I think it's important to provide both. So far, we have made many people prefer that we have just created a female sex doll robot.Back in California, he dates with a prototype doll - he has a Scottish accent. But April is not his wife, she is not an extra marriage. She is 153 cm tall and has a head "36", one of three chest silicone dolls, each spending £2,000 to share his life and body - even taking them to a 'dating'.Now he is saving for a $6,000 robotic doll, he can smile, talk to him and who will respond in his sexuality. When I brought out April, we usually stopped to take a bite to eat a burger, but many people didn't even notice that she was not a breathing person.We usually do sex two or three times a week, sometimes four nights a week. It's really like having sex with a real woman. The biggest difference is where you want, you have to put them in because they won't get there.He created harmony - a prototype robot that can 'seduce' the owner and answer questions. After making the highly realistic doll for the first time, he stood at the forefront of the competition and became the first person to create a full-featured sex robot.He said that his business is demand-oriented, sexual dolls change according to fashion, and added: "There will always be these trends, for example, it is strange now that public hair is making a comeback.“We have a customer who likes nipples very much. They bought a lot of Japanese sex dolls from us. They will send us photos of specific nipples, and we will recreate them for his dolls.”Most people want to have a sex doll robot in their home in the near future. He and his team plan to use sensor technology to update the body of the doll so that she can give a real sexual response. He added: "We are increasing self-lubrication, and internal heating may cause some contraction when she reaches orgasm."Reference link:http://dogsuniverse.co.nz/urdolls/2019/06/19/sex-doll-robot-with-surreal-movable-face/http://www.ghanaschoolsnet.com/profiles/blogs/sex-dolls-reveal-new-faces-and-personality

  3. beerdoll beerdoll 2019-06-18 11:15


  4. beerdoll beerdoll 2019-06-18 11:14